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A type of life insurance policy that provides coverage for a certain period of time,

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The definition of term life is life insurance that provides coverage for a fixed period of time in your life. If you pass away during the term, your beneficiary will be granted with your life insurance amount based on your specific policy.

A period of time when you can do something can be a definition of a window.

Term life insurance is a unique form of life insurance in which the policy holder makes payments and receives coverage for a fixed amount of time, or the term of coverage. Definitions of the term can be found at sites such as Investopedia and Matrix Direct.

The definition of supplemental insurance is additional or extra insurance that you can get to help pay for out-of-pocket or services that your regular insurance will not pay for.

Term life insurance is temporary life insurance that provides coverage for a specific number of years.If you outlive the term of your policy, the coverage expires.Term life insurance is pure protection because no cash value builds within the policy, there is only life insurance protection, no investment.A+ purchased for a certain time period with a specific premium cost

Life insurance is an insurance service that one can purchase, and will pay out a lump sum of money when the owner of the life insurance passes away. It can also be paid out, or bought out, before the owner passes away.

Renewable term allows you to renew at the end of the term. Regular term insurance does not guarantee you that right.

Yes. Term insurance is like renting insurance.

Prudential Life Insurance offers several different type of life insurance, including term life insurance. They offer complete term insurance or supplemental term insurance that can be added on top of any other insurance you may have.

Life insurance is a protection against the loss of income after someone has died. It provides a layer of financial security for your family after you die.

Term insurance is insurance that does not grow in money. If you have a policy of $10,000 for 20 years, it will be worth $10,000 for the entire term of the insurance.

If you are a smoker, then you may be wondering if you are eligible to receive term life insurance. Smokers are eligible for coverage at an increased rate of that of non-smokers.

No, term life insurance has a term, hence the name.

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One can get long term health insurance in the United States from LTC Insurance and AARP Medical Insurance. One can also get long term insurance from Long Term Care and Kaiser Permanente.

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Term insurance is an insurance you get for a specific amount of time. It is only for a certain amount of time. For instance, term insurance can be an insurance coverage for 6 months, 2 years, or 5 weeks.

Most insurance company provide term life insurance in five year increments.

The advantage of short term insurance is that it is, like the name states, short term. You are free to switch insurance companies frequently instead. Short term insurance can also be

Allstate insurance offers term life insurance with no exams.

Ameriprise is an insurance company a few of it's insurance offers include long term care insurance as well they also offer short term care insurance and term insurance for their patrons.

Term life insurance protects you for the term of the policy. You are not required to renew each term.

Term life insurance is a form of temporary life insurance that provides coverage for a specific number of years. Term life insurance is available for 1-40 years, depending on your health and age. Term life insurance is usually purchased for 1, 15, 20 or 30 years. Term life insurance builds no cash value within the policy. Term life insurance is "Pure Protection". You pay only for the life insurance. If you outlive your policy term, the coverage expires. Level term life insurance is the most common form of term life insurance. Level term offers premiums and coverage amount that remain the same each year for the entire term of your policy.

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