What is the definition of the word 'describe'?

To describe. transitive verb.

1. To give an account of in speech or writing.

2. To convey an idea or impression of; characterize: She described her childhood as a time of wonder and discovery.

3. To represent pictorially; depict: Goya's etchings describe the horrors of war in grotesque detail.

4. To trace the form or outline of: describe a circle with a compass.

to give an account or representation of in words

to pronounce or label: he has been described as a genius.

to draw a line or figure, such as a circle

1. describe - give a description of; "He drew an elaborate plan of attack"

depict, draw

represent - describe or present, usually with respect to a particular quality; "He represented this book as an example of the Russian 19th century novel"

delineate - describe in vivid detail

exposit, set forth, expound - state; "set forth one's reasons"

adumbrate, outline, sketch - describe roughly or briefly or give the main points or summary of; "sketch the outline of the book"; "outline his ideas"