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What is the definition of tourist?


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A tourist is a person that travels in a place or country with a purpose to enjoy the scenery or experience its culture. And if a tourist wants to get married to a native citizen, he/she will have to undergo a lot of examinations and interviews.


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A tourist travelling in their own country.

Something built for tourists.

A tourist location is anywhere tourists may wish to visit, in Asia or elsewhere.

A tourist is temporary visitor to any area away from the visitors immediate home region for the purposes of pleasure or interest.

A tourist destination is a city, town or other area that is dependent to a significant extent on the revenues accruing from tourism. ...

A tourist is a person who tours, who travels for the sake of travelling and of seeing new places, not for some other purpose.

someone who travels outside their own country as opposed to domestic tourist (someone who stays in the borders of their own country)

The body that regulates hotels and restaurants in a tourist area.

A night tourist is when a vistor stays in a different town of city for one night only. They could be staying there for pleasure or business.

An interstate tourist is one who takes vacations in a state other than the one he lives in. It is probably limited to American usage.

The definition of tourism management is the act of keeping a journal and planning activities for tourists. This is what most tourist companies will do for their clients.

Well, it is not a definition but what they do is that it is able to give you routes, times and directions from one place to another. Especially handy if you are a tourist.

"Tourist" is another word for a visitor to a place. By definition, if someone is a tourist in Greece -- or anywhere else -- they do not live there. If they lived there, they'd be a resident, not a tourist. So the answer is zero. There are zero tourists living in Greece.

people traveling state to state for example SA to WA (not out of country)

The definition of the word "Schladming" is that it is the proper name of a town in the state of Styria in Austria. It is a very popular tourist site with skiing resort and competitions.

The definition of tourism service is the services one receives from their tourist provider. It can include things such as the airline, the hotels and entertainment establishments that they go to.

independent inclusive tour is one in which the tourist travels to his destination individually.

* administer a drug to; "They drugged the kidnapped tourist" * use recreational drugs * a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic

If you have money to spend after paying taxes and all expenses, you have spending power according to the amount of money you have left over. A tourist with spending power has money to spend after all travel expenses are paid or accounted for.

a domestic tourist is a tourist who travel within his/her own country, local and an international tourist is a tourist from other countries maybe from overseas e.g a tourist travelling from Brazil to south Africa he is called an international tourist.

a local tourist or a domestic tourist is someone who is visiting another country other than s/he has normal residence

No, it is not a preposition. Tourist is a noun, possibly used as an adjunct or adjective (tourist trap, tourist information).

It refers to a person who travels country to country.I'm not sure there is a profile for an international tourist.The basic:agegenderrace/nationalitygroup type (family, schools, business)Occupation and incomepurpose of the visitlocal/domestic/ international touristThe definition: someone visiting other countries outside his/her own country.

As a definition a foreign or international tourist is a person who is from outside the country they are visitings boarders and is viewing attractions and traveling around. Eg. A Chinese family who go on holiday to England and go on London bus tours to view the attractions. OR As a specific person: well anyone can be a foreign tourist, just go overseas and go to the attractions.

Answer1)Transit2)stopover3)day4)cruiseAn international tourist,a regional tourist,a domestic tourist and a excursionist tourist.

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