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using = making use of eg He was using a spade to dig up potatoes She was using a knife to cut the carrots

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What definition of abnormal behavior is Frank using?

moral definition

What definition of abnormal behavior is Bill using?

A+ legal definition

What definition of abnormal behavior is Tamara using?

psys.... psychological definition

What Is Simile Definition?

It is when you are comparing something using ''like'' or ''as''.

What is the definition for keyboarding?

Using a keyboard.

What is the term for using a word in its own definition?

When you define a word using that very word, it's called a recursive definition or a tautology.

What is the best definition of context?

Using text and cues

What is the definition if Mechanized war?

War using machines.

What is the definition of cybercrime?

Criminal acts using the internet.

What is the definition of argriculture?

"Agriculture" is using land for farming.

Power in a circuit can be measured using a?

By definition, a wattmeter.

What is the best way to get muscle definition?

you have to get the muscle first then work on the definition by using light weight and a lot of reps.

How do you use palanquin in a sentence?

You can look up the definition and then write the sentence using the definition. For example, Palanquin means

What is the definition for solar energy?

The using of sunlight to provide electricity.

What is the definition of purled?

a type of knitting using reverse stitches

What is the definition of microsystem?

a system using microscopic electromechanical components

How do you find radius when you have arch?

Approximate using the Arrhenious definition.

What is the definition for innovative?

Using or showing new methods and ideas

When using a glossary what will help you determine if you recognize the word?


What is the best definition of symbols?

Using a thing to stand for an idea

What are the four largest Scandinavian countries?

It depends on the definition of "Scandinavia" you are using. If using the narrow definition (which excludes Finland, the Faeroes, Greenland, and Iceland), then there are only three countries in Scandinavia: Sweden Norway Denmark If using the broad definition (which Scandinavians refer to as "Norden," or the Nordic Countries), then: Sweden Norway Finland Denmark

What is the definition of the abbreviation prno?

The definition of abbreviation prno is stands attic. This is also an acronym for point of view. This is the definition according to a dictionary. Using the dictionary you will get an overall better definition for any word or abbreviation.

What is the definition of a ventriloquist?

A ventriloquist is a person who does puppets talented. Well, I don't really know what a ventriloquist is, but try using to find the definition. They'll probably have the definition.

What is a sentence using the word definition?

Modern televisions have much greater definition than older ones. Words in English may have more than one definition.

Air cooled difinition?

There are many things that could be used as a definition for air cooled. Using a fan is one definition.