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Lake Tahoe is located on the border of Nevada and California. It is a freshwater lake and sits at the elevation of 6,225 feet and the depth at the deepest portion is 1,645 feet.


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1,645 ft or 501 m is the maximum depth of Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a lake on the California-Nevada border, to the west of Carson City, Nevada.

The largest lake in the US is Lake Superior and its maximum depth is 1,332 ft.

the average depth of lake huron is 59 m.

What is the deepest depth (in feet) of Lake Michigan?

Lake Erie with a maximum depth of 210 feet.

the maximum depth of lake ontario is 244m or 803ft

Lake Tahoe, which is shared by California and Nevada and Lake Mead, which is shared by Nevada and Arizona.

the most popula lake in nevada is tohoe lake

The average depth of Lake Erie is 62ft / 19m (w/ a Maximum depth of 210ft / 64m)

Lake Tahoe's depth is 1,650 feet (501 meters).

The approximate depth of Lake Maracaibo is 197 feet. Lake Maracaibo is a large bay that is located in Venezuela.

Which lakes in nevada are all that remains of lake maintain

The lowest depth of Crater Lake is 1,946 feet deep. The lake is five by six miles in area. Crater Lake is found in Oregon.

Nevada is located in the mountainous region of the United States. The Mojave Desert spills across the California border into southern Nevada. Lake Mead, Lake Tahoe, and Pyramid Lake are the largest bodies of water in Nevada.

•Lake Tahoe, Lake Mead, Lake Lahaton

Lake Wenatchee has a maximum depth of 244 feet and an average depth of 147 feet.

Lake Taupo has a depth of 610 feet. This is the largest lake in New Zealand. It has a surface area of 237.8 square miles.

Lake Tahoe with a depth of 1,645 ft

Salt Lake City, Utah is further North then Carson City, Nevada.Salt Lake City, Nevada is located father north than Carson City, Nevada.

Lake tahoe is located in nevada

No. It is on the border of Nevada and California.

It's 70 miles from Lake Tahoe to Nevada City.

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