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it is 270m deep

i know becaue i live in te anau

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Q: What is the depth of lake te anau?
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Related questions

What does Te Anau mean in English?

The Maoris of Southland always pronounce Te Anau as "Te Ana u". The name Te Anau has been translated in several ways-"uneven surface", "long view", "lake of many arms", "water current in a cave"; however the lake is in actual fact called after Te Anau, a granddaughter of Hekeia, whose name is bestowed on the Longwood Range.

What is South Island's biggest lake?

Te Anau.

Where in new Zealand is Lake Te Anau?

its in the South West corner of South Island and is the largest in South Island. 64 kms long and max depth 270m

What town has the second biggset lake in nz?

Based on if NZ stands for New Zealand. The second largest lake is Te Anau. There is a town next to the lake with the same name. But because of the size of the lake there is no one town that contains Te Anau. Many towns border the lake.

What is the second largest lake in New Zealand?

The second Largest lake in New Zealand is Lake Te Anau

What town is the gateway to the milford trek'?

The trek starts out at Lake Te Anau.

What town is the gateway to the milford trek?

The trek starts out at Lake Te Anau.

What is the second biggest lake in new zealand?

Lake Te Anau, 133 square miles, in South Island

What are some of the biggest New Zealand lakes?

Lake Taupo, Lake Wakatipu, Lake Ellesmere, lake Manapouri, lake Te Anau, and lake Wanaka,

What is the largest lake in the south island of nz?

New Zealand's second largest lake and the largest lake in the South Island is Lake Te Anau.

What is the depest lake in the south island of new zealand?

The largest lake in the south island of New Zealand is Te Anau. kkllllllo

What is the second largest lake in new zealand and in the town it has 1857 people?

The second largest lake in New Zealand is Lake Te Anau, in Southland, NZ.

What are 4 large New Zealand lakes?

Four of the large lakes of New Zealand include Lake Taupo, Lake Te Anau, Lake Wakatipu, and Lake Wanaka.

What is new zealands lake with the longest shore line?

I don't know the answer, but I'd think Lake Te Anau would be in the top three, with its large fiord-like arms.

Where is Milford Sound New Zealand?

Milford Sound is in Fiordland on the south west coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It is only reached by land via a town Called Te Anau; you then travel along the shore of lake Te Anau, up the Eglington Valley and through the Homer Tunnel.

Is there mac Donalds in Te anau?


What is the biggest lake in the south island?

The deepest Lake in New Zealand is Lake Hauroko.A2 . And the largest lake in the South island is Lake Te Anau, at 344 km^2.

What South Island town lies on the banks of the largest lake in New Zealand?

New Zealand's largest lake is Lake Taupo in the North Island. Lake Te Anau is the South Island's largest lake, and has a town of that name on its shore.

What area in new zealand has the area with deep underground pools?

I think you are enquiring about the underground cave systems. Either those of Waitomo in the North Island, or those of Te Anau Au of Lake Te Anau in the South Island. Both have well developed tourist industries.

What is the closest airport to milford sound?

There is an airstrip at Milford Sound itself, suitable for small and medium planes. Otherwise there is a larger airport at Lake Te Anau/Manapouri.

What airport is closest to Milford Sound?

The Milford Airstrip. It has a 782 m ashpalt runway. There are larger airports in Lake Te Anau and Manopori. The nearest international airport is at Queenstown

Which two places does the homer tunnel connect?

The simple answer is the head of the Hollyford Valley, and the Head of the Cleddau valley. The settlements affected would be Te Anau at the lake of that name, and Milford Sound.

What is the name of the last town before the homer tunnel and milford sound?

Te Anau.

What are the most famous caves in new zealand called?

In the North Island, it would be Waitomo Caves. In the South Island, there is a cave complex in Nelson region, and it contains Harwood's Hole, an exceptionally deep cave system, still being explored. Further south, at Te Anau, there are the Te Anau glow worm caves. Harwood's Hole is not a commercial venture, because of dangers and the level of experience needed. The Waitomo and Te Anau caves both have organized tours.

What is the best way to start a speech on Te Anau glow worm caves?

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