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What is the detailed location of the PCV valve on a 2003 Chevy Tracker?

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2011-09-14 09:16:07

hello, after looking everywhere for the pcv valve i finally

found it. if you are facing the tracker from the front it is

located just to the right of the throttle body unit (down a few

inches) and it plugs in to the top/back of the engine.if you look

almost directly above the last spark plug on the right side and you

will see where the hose plugs into the block. the hose has a spring

clip attached to it and my original PVC valve had a green plastic

ring around it with letters written on it. i hope this helps out, i

am no mechanic by any stretch so i apologize for the description

but it is the best i can come up with.i didn't want to pay an hours

labor to replace a $3.00 part!

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