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Q: What is the dichotomy of nature and culture applying the stand of eco-feminism?
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What has the author Val Plumwood written?

Val Plumwood has written: 'Feminism and the mastery of nature' -- subject(s): Ecofeminism, Philosophy of nature

Is environmentalism a feminist issue?

Absolutely! Ecofeminism (or ecological feminism) is a relatively new field of feminist theory, and emphasizes the parallels between the abuse and misuse of women and their bodies by society throughout history to the abuse and misuse of nature and its resources by society. The term was coined in 1974 by feminist Francoise d'Eaubonne. Ecofeminism is an intersectional feminism, incorporating theory from anarchist feminists, radical feminists, culture feminists, etc.

What are the dynamics of culture?

dynamic nature of culture

What has the author Erika Cudworth written?

Erika Cudworth has written: 'Developing ecofeminist theory' -- subject(s): Ecofeminism, Feminism 'Environment and society' -- subject(s): Effect of human beings on, Environmental protection, Human ecology, Nature

Is culture the same as nature?

Culture and nature are completely different concepts. Culture refers to customs and traditions present in different backgrounds. Where as nature, can be referred to it two ways. The first covers the concept of nature as in environment, where as the second encompasses the emotion. Which one are you referring to?

What are the cultural characteristics of Brazil?

Brazil's culture is a culture of diverse nature

What culture is the two frogs?


Merits of western culture?

western culture develops confidence and independent nature in every individual..!!

Philosophers of the Enlightenment period believed that society could best be improved by?

applying reason and the laws of nature

Why is culture an important part of the nature VS nurture debate?


Nature vs nature?

The nature vs nurture debate is a scientific, cultural, and mostly philosophical debate. The debate is about whether human culture, personality, and behavior are caused primarily by nature or by nurture.

Who wrote the words 'culture means control over nature'?

Johan Huizinga