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If you're talking about the difference between a .22 short or long rifle and a .25 ACP, the .22 is a rimfire cartridge and the .25 is a centerfire. Also, the .25 is .03 of an inch larger in diamter.


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Its the size of the bullet that the gun is made for. its the caliber that a handgun uses

The 22 is a very small bullet and the 38 is about 4 times larger. The pistols however may be about the same size but will be chambered accordingly.

any single or double action semi-automatic pistol listed as a 40 caliber pistol...............

The correct term is cartridge, not bullet- and the answer will depend on WHICH .40 caliber pistol.

It should be marked on the barrel.

Caliber is the size of the barrel's inside diameter, in fractions of an inch. A .25 caliber pistol fires a bullet that is about 0.25 inches across. Pistol can range from very small (about 10 caliber) up to very large (75 caliber) and there are hundreds of different cartridge sizes in between.

the three bullets that shot him in the chest were 40. caliber pistol rounds

Automatic Colt Pistol. Colt invented the .45 Auto and thus had the right to name it.

A 22 caliber pistol holds a dose of 22 caliber ammo.

a bullet of the same caliber and same grains of powder fired from a long barrel will have a higher muzzle velocity than if fired from a short barrel.

LR stands for Long Rifle which means the pistol uses a .22LR caliber bullet

300 yards A pistol bullet can travel much further than 300 yards. On average, a pistol bullet can travel about a mile.

I'm going to guess that you mean, "How fast will the bullet from a .45 caliber pistol travel?" If so, the bullets travel between about 800 feet per second and 1100 feet per second, depending on various factors.

There are several DIFFERENT .32 caliber cartridges. The .32 bullet is smaller in diameter than a .380. SOME .32 cartridges are longer, and have more power, such as the .327 magnum. And some .32 pistols are smaller than some .380 pistols, and vice versa. The caliber has nothing to do with the size of the gun.

The .45 caliber M1911 pistol has a muzzle velocity of 825 feet per second (251m/s).

9 millimeter is the caliber. IMPROVING ANSWER: A "9mm" bullet is actually .355 or .356 of an inch in diameter. So the caliber is about .36, but nobody calls it that because it would be confusing. Everybody calls it a 9mm and if somebody asks you what "caliber" that pistol is, you can answer "It's a 9mm" without having to add or explain anything. further improve: 9mm is the correct answer. you can find the caliber by measuring the diameter of the bullet. translate to millimeters or inches and that's the caliber. 9mm is a 9mm caliber not "around .36"

Obviously, it will depend on the caliber of pistol, and the distance between you and the pistol. A person firing a .357 Magnum revolver would be exposed to ABOUT 140 dB.

A Titan 25 caliber pistol is worth between $75 and $200 depending on its overall condition. These small caliber handguns are designed for close range protection.

how to breakdown and load 38 caliber iver johnson pistol?

No such thing. It is a typo. A 45 mm pistol would fire a bullet larger than a golf ball. I think you are looking for a .45 CALIBER pistol. That is a handgun that fires a bullet about 45/100ths of an inch in diameter. Perhaps the two best known are the 45 Colt Peacemaker type revolver of cowboy fame, and the 1911A1 .45 Automatic Pistol, used by the US Army.

This is a .22 caliber air pistol not a .177 caliber pistol. See the link below for the owners manual.

The 50 caliber pistol is the highest pistol which can be purchased without the need for a permit. Some pistol shotguns exist which can be 75 caliber weapons.

No, the .22 cartridge is too small and will fall completely through the cylinder bore of a revolver, or entirely through the chamber and barrel of a semi-automatic pistol.

A regular pistol is a firearm. It uses gunpowder to fire a bullet. An air pistol uses compressed air to fire a pellet with less velocity than a firearm.

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