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Smelled and SmeltIn 'American' English, 'smelled' only is the past tense of 'smell': " while outside I smelled a foul odor "

"Smelt" IS the past tense of smell due to the fact that "smell", not to be confused with (to smell) is originally an irregular verb, therefor needing a change in spelling, but however, is in the process of changing into a regular verb, due to the changing status of a growing language solely hypothesized on its grammatical miss-use of ending in "ed" along with many other miss used past tense vocab. where "smelt" is correct, both are socially acceptable.


In British English, 'smelt' and 'smelled' are interchangeable as the past participle of 'smell', with 'smelt' being more common in current use.

'To smelt' is, of course, also a verb meaning 'to melt or fuse metal ore'.

Also, Smelt is a family, Osmeridae, of small anadromous fish. They are common in the North American Great Lakes, and run in large schools along the coastline during their spring migration to their spawning streams. The family consists of some sixteen species in six genera.

The fish usually reach only 6 inches (15 cm) and are a food source for salmon and lake trout.

Common pronunciation of 'smelled' in phonic "smelt"

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Is smelt past tense of smell?

Yes or in American English it is 'smelled'.

What is the verb version for smelled?

smelled is the past tense form of the verb smell. present tense - smell Please smell the roses. past tense - smelled My mother smelled the roses. past participle - smelt They have all smelt the roses. continuous - smelling They are smelling the roses - present - They were smelling the roses - past

What is verbs of smell?

The forms of the verb smell are smells, smelling, smelled (or smelt).

What is the past tense of smell?

The past tense of smell is smelled. Smelt is also acceptable.

What is the past participle of smell?

smelled - however smelt is also used in the variations of the English language.

Is the word smelled a word?

Yes, the word is past tense for the verb smell; and alternate for the past tense is smelt. Smelled is having detected an odor. Example sentence: The leftover soup smelled bad so I threw it out.

What happen Before Bella passed out after the Cullens beat James what did she claim to have smelled?

Bella smelt gasoline.

What is it when you are reminded of someone you love?

It is just that you do love them. You seen something, smelled something or just felt an emotion inside that you felt, smelt or seen when you were with them.

Why should chemicals never be smelt by putting the container directly to your nose?

it is because when the chemicals are smelled directly they react with our nose and we can get many infections.

What is the difference between a herring and a smelt?

Herring belong to the family Clupeidae and smelt belong to the family Osmeridae. Both are found in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Smelt are also very common in the Great Lakes. Herring can also be found in the Baltic Sea and in South America off the west coast.

What is smelt roe?

A smelt is a fish, and roe is fish eggs, so smelt roe is smelt eggs.

What does human placenta smell like?

My nursing instructor told the class that it smelt like semen. Now, I have never smelled a placenta myself but I think semen smells a bit salty?

What is the smelt it dealt it rhyme?

He who smelt it, dealt it.

How do you use smelt in a sentence?

I smelt the rose

Who did you smell?

I smelt you. Then I smelt the air. they are not the same.

What is the past participle of smelll?

smelt verb = smell past = smelt past participle = smelt

When was Lee Smelt born?

Lee Smelt was born in 1958.

When was European smelt created?

European smelt was created in 1758.

When was Dennis Smelt born?

Dennis Smelt was born in 1750.

When should you use smelt?

If you mean smelt as in the past tense and past participle of smell, then:use the past - smelt when talking about something that happened in the past and is now finished eg The dog smelt the smoke and began barking.use the past participle - smelt when:using present perfect - I have smelt that smell before somewhere.using past perfect - The lions had smelt the smoke and were now agitated.

Is smelled an adverb?

No, the word "smelled" is not an adverb.The word "smelled" is a verb and a noun.

What do smelt eat?

Smelt eat zooplankton, which are small fishes and invertebrates.

When was Cornelius Smelt born?

Cornelius Smelt was born in 1748-08.

When did Len Smelt die?

Len Smelt died on 1933-02-08.

When was Len Smelt born?

Len Smelt was born on 1885-12-10.