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I think you mean ATF, (Automatic Transmission Fluid) Dexron is not a universal fluid. Chrysler four-speed automatics only use ATF+3 (ATF+4 for newer vehicles), regardless of what the dipstick or owner's manual says. Chrysler ATF+3 fluid is no longer the only fluid to use in a late model transmission. Chrysler TSB# 21-006-01 notes that all current vehicles only use ATF+4 type 9602, part 05013457AA (for quart bottles). The advantages of ATF+4 over ATF+3 include: Better anti-wear properties, Improved rust/corrosion prevention, Controls oxidation -Eliminates deposits, Controls friction, Anti-foaming, Superior low temperature operation: From what I have read ATF+3 is not synthetic but ATF+4 is synthetic. Use what your owners manual states or ask you local chrysler dealer, but do not under any circumstance use Dexron or a universal fluid.

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Q: What is the difference between AFT3 and AFT4 transmission fluid?
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How much oir goes in a ktm 50 pro senior?

500ml of aft3

Can you use power steering fluid in your transmission 87 Ford?

There is not much difference between power steering and transmission fluid. Many people use power steering in place of transmission fluid because it is cheaper.

What is the difference between manual and automatic transmission fluid?

manual fluid is thicker auto trans is like power steering fluid..watery

What is the difference between transmission oil and transmission fluid?

Most but not all manual transmissions use a heavy weight oil. That is transmission oil. Most A/T use a much lighter transmission fluid, which is a highly refined oil, that is transmission fluid. You will sometines find a manual transmission which uses Trsnsmission fluid. Certain Ford Rangers is an example.

What is the difference between power steering fluid and automatic transmission fluid?

they are both hydraulic fluids tranny has a dye but depends on manufacturer specs

What is the difference between ATF 3 and ATF 4 transmission fluid?

What is the difference between gear lube and transmission fluid?

Gear lube is thick and meant to cling to a manual transmissions gears, one gear will bring it to the next to lubricate them all. Transmission fluid is hydraulic fluid and is pumped through the system of an automatic transmission, it is thin and red ( usually)

How do you change transmission on a 1997 Buick Skylark?

Do you mean "change THE transmission" or "Change the transmission FLUID"? Big difference there....

Drain transmission fluid cold or hot?

No real difference

What is the difference between red and clear power steering fluid?

Red is the "normal" power steering fluid. If you can't get "power steering fluid," Dexron automatic transmission fluid is the same stuff. Clear is Honda power steering fluid.

What is sp111 transmission fluid?

It is Mitsubishi's transmission fluid.It is Mitsubishi's transmission fluid.

What is the difference between a fluid and non fluid?

ummm fluid is wet and non fluid is dry

What is the difference between dextron 2 and dextron 3?

The primary difference between Dexron 2 and Dexron 3 transmission fluid is in their formulation. Dexron 3 includes a number of corrosion inhibitors to prolong the life of components.

Is there any difference between auto and manual cavalier radiator's?

Yes, i believe the auto model has the transmission fluid running thru the rad to cool it

Can you substitute transmission fluid for power steering fluid in a 2008 Chrysler sebring?

Automatic transmission fluid is the proper fluid.Automatic transmission fluid is the proper fluid.

What is dextron 2 atf transmission fluid or motor oil?

It is an automatic transmission fluid.It is an automatic transmission fluid.

How do you check the transmission fluid on a Toyota?

Almost all camries have a transmission dipstick which allows to check transmission fluid level. Usually it's between the exhaust system and the battery.

Where do you locate the transmission fluid on a 2004 GMC Envoy XL?

You can locate the transmission fluid in your 2004 GMC Envoy by using the transmission fluid dipstick. The transmission fluid will be in the transmission fluid pan.

Is there a difference between Engine oil and Transmission Oil?

Yes there is. They both will have different additives in them. There viscosity (thickness) will also be different. Transmission fluid has a red dye that is added so it can be distinguished from engine oil.

What is the difference between intravenous fluid and blood?

describe the differences between intravenous fluid and blood

Does my car need transmission fluid?

vehicles with automatic transmissions require transmission fluid. vehicles with manual transmissions require either transmission fluid or gear oil. the fluid helps reduce friction between internal parts, reduce heat, and lubricates.

Why the difference in transmission fluids?

Plenty of differences. Each manufacture has a specific package of additives and friction modifiers, that their approved transmission fluid contains. Us the wrong fluid in your transmission and you will either destroy the transmission or cause it to have problems. Use exactly what manufacture recommends and DO NOT substitute with any other fluid.

Where is the transmission fluid located on a 1994 Intrepid?

transmission fluid is in the transmission

What should you do if you used the wrong transmission fluid?

Drain out the transmission fluid and replace with the correct fluid. Some types of transmission fluid are incompatible with other types of tranmssion fluid or with the transmission itself, and can destroy your transmission.

What is the difference between automatic transmission fluid plus 4 and mercon dexcron?

The Mopar ATF+4 and Dex/Merc use different additives and are not compatible.