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What is the difference between AMD Turion and AMD Athlon?

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2015-07-01 11:01:44

Turion 64 is based on Athlon 64's architecture, and the main

difference between Turion 64 and Athlon 64 Mobile is

the power consumption, which is lower on Turion 64: Athlon 64

Mobile dissipates 65 W while Turion 64 dissipates only

35 W (ML models) or 25 W (MT models). Another difference between

them is the amount of L2 cache, which is always of 1 MB

on Athlon 64 Mobile, while Turion 64 can have a L2 memory cache

of 512 KB or 1 MB, depending on the model

In addition - Athlon was developed mainly for desktop and turion

for laptops Answer

Overall Athlon range is economy version and has less performance

compared to Turion which are relatively high end processors.

Although initially Athlon name was used only for desktop

processors, later both Turion and Athlon brands have been used for

dual core processors designed for notebook computers. Turion 64 X2

Dual-Core processor family is AMD's most advanced family of

dual-core processors made for mobility to date. Athlon 64 X2

Dual-Core processor family is a more affordable relatively lower

performance range of processors for notebook PCs. Exact

specification and performance numbers depends on the model number

of the processor in respective families.

- Neeraj Sharma

Yes, You are right neeraj, i agree with your answer.

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