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What is the difference between Artificial Vanilla Extract and Pure Natural Vanilla?

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Pure Vanilla Extract is a flavouring derived from an orchid in the genus Vanilla native to Mexico, the only edible fruit of the orchid family, which is the largest family of flowering plants in the world. Vanilla Extract is produced by drying and curing the green bean pods from the Vanilla plants. The majority of the world's vanilla today is produced in Madagascar, while other tropical countries including Indonesia, India, Mexico, and many others produce smaller quantities. Because vanilla is a vine and requires a support to grow on (such as trees) and at least 50% shade, it's production is generally sustainable and helps preserve tropical forests and biodiversity.

Synthetic vanilla, on the other hand, is an artificial product made from guaiacol, a coal tar derivative through a chemical process. Caramel colors are used to mask the unpleasant aroma and therefore it appears black in color. Since it is a coal tar derivative, it is generally considered unhealthy for human consumption.

Over 250 components contribute to the flavor profile of vanilla, yet only vanillin is imitated. Natural vanillin is present in vanilla beans at 2% by weight. A cheaper artificial form (USP vanillin) can be synthesized from guaiacol, a coal tar derivative; or produced from lignin, a byproduct of the paper industry.

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Is vanilla essence the same as vanilla extract?

Vanilla essence and vanilla extract are not the same. Vanilla essence is artificial, and vanilla extract comes from pure vanilla.

Is there a difference between natural and synthetic substances?

From a chemical standpoint, there's no difference in the substance itself. However, there may be differences in what impurities are present and their relative concentrations.One of the reasons artificial flavors tend to taste ... well, artificial ... is that they don't have the same blend of impurities as the natural substance does. Artificial vanilla flavoring is just vanillin, which is the main but not the only component in natural vanilla extract. This makes it more of a "one-note" flavor, without the subtleties present in real vanilla extract.

Where do you buy vanilla extract from?

You can purchase artificial vanilla extract from pretty much any grocery store - look in the baking goods aisle by the spices. If you are looking for natural vanilla extract, you can generally find it side-by-side with the artificial stuff, but the price will be several times higher.

What is equivalent of 2 teaspoons of pure vanilla extract to artificial vanilla extract?

They are basically the same in effect.

What is the difference between vanilla extract and vanilla flavoring?

Vanilla Extract is the extract from the vanilla pod. Whereas vanilla flaouring is a synthetic product.

What is the difference between pure vanilla as to vanilla extract?

Vanilla Extract is extracted from vinilla hence the word extract

What is the difference between vanilla liqueur and vanilla extract?

there is no difference

Can you use vanilla extract instead of vanilla essence?

Yes,Vanilla is a flavoring derived from the seed pods of orchids in the genus Vanilla native to Mexico.Vanilla essence comes in two forms.# Real seedpod extract is an extremely complicated mixture of several hundred different compounds. # Synthetic essence, consisting basically of a solution of artificial vanillin in ethanol.Humans can tell the difference between the artificial essence and the real extract, the real extract is much, much better. If you have vanilla extract you have the best product to use.

Is artificial and pure vanilla extract measured the same?

Yes you would use the same amount of either one. The only difference would be if the pure vanilla extract were a double or triple strength variant

Where is vanilla made from?

it is usually an extract from the vanilla bean, but artificial vanilla flavour is completely unrelated to vanilla, besides the taste.

Do you have to have vanilla extract to make ice cream?

No, you can make ice cream any flavour you like...or no flavour at all. But if you want vanilla ice cream you will need either vanilla extract or artificial extract or vanilla beans.

Substitute vanilla extract?

Artificial vanilla aroma: vanillin (4-Hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde).

What the difference between vanilla extract and vanilla flavor?

vanilla extract is a raw material but flavour is odour which is not raw material.

What is clear vanilla extract made out of?

Clear vanilla is made by combining propylene glycol or glycerin with artificial vanillin. Artificial vanillin simulates 1 flavor component out of over 250 different flavor components found in natural vanilla. It is a by-product of the wood industry or is produced from petrochemicals. Artificial... Yum!

What is the difference between almond extract and vanilla extract?

One tastes like almond and the other like vanilla

Can you substitute vanilla frosting for vanilla extract?

No. Where vanilla frosting may taste like vanilla, it is not actually vanilla. Vanilla extract is from vanilla bean, and has no sugar or artificial ingredients added to it. It is a liquid, and the taste of whatever you were baking would be seriously compromised if you didn't use the real stuff.

Can you substitute vanilla extract for clear vanilla extract?

most likely you can.... it shouldn't make much of a big difference:)hope it helped:)

What is Measure difference in pure vanilla and imitation vanilla?

There is no measure difference...if your recipe calls for 1tsp of pure vanilla use 1tsp vanilla extract, or vice-versa.

Why do you NEED Vanilla extract in cookies to bake them?

You don't necessarily NEED vanilla extract in cookies, but it vanilla extract does add flavor to the recipe. I have accidentally left it out of a cookie recipe before, and you can definitely tell the difference. Without the vanilla extract, the cookies taste very bland.

What does extract mean in vanilla extract?

Extract in "vanilla extract" is simply the liquid extracted from the insides of a vanilla bean.

Can you substitute liquid vanilla for vanilla extract?

Vanilla extract is a liquid. You will want to use a Pure Vanilla Extract for optimum results.

Can you use vanilla essence instead of vanilla extract?

You cannot use vanilla essence instead of vanilla extract in a recipe. This is because vanilla essence is not the same things as vanilla extract.

Does vanilla extract contain carbohydrates?

Not enough to make any difference.

When cooking homemade chocolate pudding is there a big difference between vanilla and vanilla essence?

most definitely there is a huge difference! real vanilla (i assume you are referring to real vanilla extract) comes from real vanilla beans (pods), and their flavor is much more true and pronounced than the artificial stuff... i would not use artificial in any dessert recipe as it will likely compromise the flavor of the final product! i mean, you could do it, but you'll get a better final result with the real stuff!!

Is vanilla extra a mixture or pure substance?

Vanilla extract is a mixture. There is a compound called "vanillin", but vanilla extract contains vanillin, plus (usually) water and/or ethanol, plus a lot of other minor components.

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