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What is the difference between Asbergers and autism?

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2015-05-14 18:52:49

I believe you're referring to Asperger Syndrome, this is no

longer a diagnosis.

Asperger Syndrome was a diagnosis given to Autistic people who

did not show developmental delays - Autistic people who did show

developmental delays would have been diagnosed as having Autism

spectrum Disorder - now Asperger Syndrome is merged with Autism.

There is no other clear difference between the two diagnosis, and

given as people develop at different speeds this was not a clear

enough distinction to keep Asperger Syndrome as a separate

diagnosis. Often doctors diagnosed someone as having Asperger

Syndrome just to avoid the stigma of Autism diagnosis.

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2010-04-18 01:03:07

Asbergers is actually a kind of autism. Asbergers is better than

most autism. They have bigger brains and can do many things that

other children can't. Also,They are obsessed with their hobbies. To

learn more, e-mail me, .

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