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What is the difference between Assembelies of God and the Catholic Church?



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You could write a whole book about all the differences between these denominations. The Assembly of God Church is a fundamentalist, Pentecostal, Protestant denomination that was founded less than 100 years ago in the United States. They are an off-shoot of the Methodist Church, who felt that the Methodist Church had lost its evangelical zeal and became to similar to the mainline Protestant denominations like the Lutherans and Presbyterians. The Assembly of God doesn't recognize any sacraments unlike the Roman Catholic Church. They practice baptism soley by immersion but do not baptize infants, unlike the RCC which sprinkles or pours and will baptize infants. The Assembly doesn't have sanctuaries-they call their places of worship auditoriums, that are stark and devoid of Christian appointments like the altar and other items. Most do not have stainglass but instead use drums and guitars to aid in worship. The style of worship is extremely informal and the preacher can get very worked up and become emotional with my fervor. Its completely the opposite in the RCC. The preachers in the Assembly are not ordained or believe in the Apostolic Succession like the RCC. This denomination caters to the lower socio-economic classes with most members concentrated in Southern rural areas of the country and small towns. They are politically very conservative on all social issues and believe that everything should be taken as the literal truth when it comes to the Bible. They also believe in the practice called "speaking in tongues" where members during the service can get very emotional with hands raised and speaking out loud. Its quite a sight to see! The RCC obviously is totally opposite. They celebrate the Eucharist with candles and incense on occasion. The priests wear beautiful vestments as well as the choir and altar boys. The music is traditional and sacred. The sanctuaries are full of Christian symbology and trappings including icons, statutues, and crucifixes everywhere.

The RCC is headed by the Pope with a College of Cardinals, Bishops, Priests and Deacons. They have religious orders throughout the world. The Assembly of God has none of that. The only similarities between the two is both are Christian, believe in the Bible, and do good works.