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The Roman Catholic Church is catholic (Universal), One, Holy, and Apostolic. Assemblies of God, nor any other church or religion, has all these characteristics. The Universal Church is believed to be founded by Jesus Christ.


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The Church of Ireland is Protestant, while the Catholic church is Catholic.

A Catholic Church is for Catholic Christians and a synagoge is for Jews.

ukrainian catholic church is really protestant I do believe

The Church of England doesn't answer to the Pope in Rome but the Roman Catholic Church does.

They are both Catholic (under the Pope) but different rites.

In all seriousness, the only major difference is that the Assemblies of God is predominantly white and the Church of God In Christ is predominantly Black. Both are trinitarian pentecostal.

There is no difference. Assemblies is just another word for Assembly. However, there is a difference between Assembly of God, Church of God and United Pentecostal. "Assemblies of God" is the name of the corporate denomination organization. An "Assembly of God" is an individual congregation of that denomination.

When the word "Church" is capitalized, it is almost always a specific reference to the Catholic church.

The major difference is that the Orthodox Church does not recognize the primacy of the Bishop of Rome - the pope.

The Anglican Confirmation is not recognized in the Catholic Church.

The Anglican(Episcopalian)Confirmation is not recognized in the Catholic Church.

There isn't much difference because Anglicans split from the Catholic Church. Baptism is a means of entry into the Catholic Church and is gained by the use of Water and the right words!

Unlike the Catholic Church and other similar churches that baptize you into their church, the Assemblies of God believe in water baptism. However, the Assemblies of God believes that water baptism is an external evidence of an internal conversion. When you are baptized at an Assemblies of God church, you are baptized into the kingdom of God not into the Assemblies of God.

.Catholic AnswerNone, they are the same Church. The Catholic Church encompasses a number of Rites, of which the Latin Rite is the largest, followed by the Byzantine Rite, commonly called the Byzantine Church by some.

Methodist church has only two sacraments whereas the catholic church has seven sacraments. Besides, the catholic church is hierarchical with the pope as the head, whereas the Methodist church is representative and has no church head.

The Catholic Church is headed by the Pope in Rome, the Anglican Church is headed by the Monarch of England, currently Queen Elizabeth II.

Iglesia is Spanish for church. It can mean a particular building or it can refer, as it does in English, to the universal Catholic (capital C) Church.

ANSWER:Actually, there is the Eastern ORTHODOX Church and the Eastern Rite Catholic Church.The Eastern Orthodox Church is separated from (in "schism" with) The Catholic Church.The Eastern Catholic Church is a "Rite"/sect in full communion with the Catholic Church and the pope. The Roman Catholic Church is the Latin Rite. Both are part of The Catholic Church.The Eastern Orthodox Church is not, technically, part/in communion with the Catholic Church. They do not even refer to themselves as "Catholic" but rather "Orthodox."

The main difference is that the Catholic Church has a lot more bright colours, whereas the Protestants are more bland.

The principal difference is that Roman Catholic churches are ultimately loyal to the Pope, and Church of England churches are ultimately loyal to the English sovereign.

A Priest is Roman Catholic - Vicar's are Church of England

Though both are Pentecostal, the UPC is Oneness and follows the apostolic teaching, while Assemblies also follow the Bible, but believe in the Trinity.

Catholic AnswerThere is only the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is made up of various "rites", the largest of these is the Latin Rite of the Church, often incorrectly referred to as the "Roman Catholic Church". This is incorrect and never used by the Vatican. There are approximately seven "Eastern" Rites of the Church, together with the Latin Rite, they all make up the Catholic Church.

The main difference between the two churches is that the Protestant church believes that they should not have sculptures and paintings to worship. Whereas the Cathloic church believes that if you have images of what you are worshipping, you will have a deeper and stronger faith.

a catholic chapel is just a place to pray on your own and its much smaller. But a catholic church is where you pray wit the priest.

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