What is the difference between Assemblies of God and Mormon?

Mormons believe in a modern-day prophet to provide revelations about God's will and they say they believe in the Bible and what it has to say (as far as it is translated correctly). They believe faith is based on good works and they strive to be perfect in all that they do. They believe that the KJV of the Bible and the ''Book of Mormon'' go hand in hand and back each other up, according to the scriptures. Marriage to Mormons is forever, as you will be married eternally in heaven and will live as a "family" forever, depending on which level of heaven you can get into (there are 3 levels according to Mormonism). Mormons also believe that God is not a spirit, he is an immortal man of glorified flesh and bone. They believe that Satan was the brother of Jesus, and also our brother. They believe there are many gods (not just one), and that a man can "become" a god. More details about Mormonism can be found at lds.org.

Assemblies of God aren't really that different than most typical Christian denominations in that they believe the Bible to be the infallible and only word of God, belief in one true God (they are Trinitarian), the deity of Jesus Christ, that man willingly fell, baptism by immersion and so forth and so on. You can research it further on the net.

Correction; Mormons do not believe in three Gods, Mormons believe in; God the Father, the Gift of the Holy Ghost received after baptism, and we believe in Jesus Christ (God's Son) Heavenly Father (God) is the only God. Yes, please go study LDS.org and find out for yourself.There is a lot of false information out there.