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A nozzle is a device which increases the velocity of fluid by decreasing the Pressure but contrary to it Diffuser is a device that increases the Pressure of fluid at the expense of its velocity

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too bad i dont know what either of those are

aircraft powerplant consist of engine, plus inlet and exhaust nozzle.

In case of venturi meter, at the diverging section mach number is less than 1. however in diverging section of a nozzle mach number is greater than 1.

Diffuser - band - was created in 1994.

An atomizer is any kind of nozzle that will turn any fluid into a fine mist, You'd find them on spray-on deodorants, spray paints, hairsprays etc. A fuel injector is a nozzle that turns fuels into a fine mist for combustion.

A diffuser is often used in scanning technology. A fax is a combination of a scanner, printer, and phone modem - the diffuser helps with image quality from the scan of the document.

To best differentiate the two look at the nut nozzle on the exterior platform of the sink. If it is wide then it is console and if it is narrow it must then be normal.

SR nozzle means "Self Reinforced Nozzle".

diffine the converging nozzle and divering nozzle

A diffuser allows smoke to be broken up into smaller streams allowing better filtration and cooling.

The answer is no. I tried a Glade plug in and and Air Wick plug in and neither accommodate the vial like the Feliway diffuser. Even cutting bits off various 'cheap' diffusers to make the vial fit did not work. only through the Feliway diffuser will the potion be dispensed. *Very expensive and niche market for the original diffuser though :( You can, however, get the diffuser as cheap as $18 online (Amazon, About.pricegrabber, etc.) rather than the $46 at the PetSmart nearby me.

A fluorescent light diffuser is the cover that protects the tubes from accidentally getting hit, which could break the tubes. In some cases the light is softened by a diffuser so that people are not affected by the glare that comes off of the lamps. In industrial applications the diffuser is just a metal screen for mechanical protection.

The active ingredient, denatured alcohol is the same. For practical purposes there is no difference worth mentioning. Foaming agent and a special foaming nozzle makes the appararent diffence.

Inducer in pump used to reduce the NET POSITIVE SUCTION HEAD Required (NPSHr). NPSHa should be more than NPSHr. NPSHr depends upon pump design and NPSHa depends upon Head in application. If NPSHr is more than NPSHa, We can reduce the same by fixing inducer in front of impeller.Diffuser used to increase the pressure. Diffuser is the static part around the impeller. It decreases the velocity of fluid which rotates by impeller and increases

The Vidal Sassoon hair dryer doesn't come with a diffuser, but it can be bought seperately.

THREE DIMENSIONAL JET-DIFFUSER.....................................

One can find the reed diffuser oil recipe from various websites like AromaWeb and Curbly. Both websites offer a great amount of recipes including a recipe for reed diffuser oil.

You get the rocket nozzle after you open the rocket nozzle box in the level with the blooper boss.

Check the air flow per cubic meter of your diffuser area cover in your unit. CFM= cubic feet per minutes.

It depends why your cat is excessively licking himself. If stress is the trigger, then a Feliway Diffuser may help.

You do not need a diffuser to scrunch your hair. It does help tremendously but it is optional. Instead of a diffuser you can put your blow drier on low heat so that pieces don't go flying everywhere. Diffusers are highly recommended but this is a simple alternative that will save you money.

diifuser is that when other particles mix together

Jump on a red box with a weird symbol on on it and take nozzle that comes out. You have obtained the rocket nozzle.

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