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Nothing. FIFA 10 is called FIFA Soccer 10 in the United States.

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โˆ™ 2009-12-25 15:20:46
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Q: What is the difference between FIFA 10 and FIFA soccer 10?
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What is the difference between FIFA 10 and FIFA soccer 10 ps3 game?

There is no difference but the Americans think that football is called soccer so FIFA have to put soccer in the title

Can you create a team in FIFA Soccer 09 for PS3?

No you need to use the PS3 game FIFA Soccer 10

When does the new FIFA soccer game for PS3 come out?

FIFA Soccer 10 (PS3) will be released on October 20, 2009

What is the best ps2 soccer game out?

The best PS2 football/soccer is FIFA 10

What is the difference between FIFA 10 and FIFA 11?

a lot. Fifa 11 has much better graphics, and it has an arena mode as well. You can also play as a keeper.

How do you play FIFA 10 on an old PlayStation 2?

Buy the PS2 version of the game FIFA Soccer 10 for your region

How do you represent a club in FIFA soccer 10?

You cant, your to sh1t

What is better FIFA soccer 10 or smackdown vs raw 2010?

fifa 10 is better then smackdown vs raw because it is not a fake sport and soccer is a world wide sport

Has FIFA 10 for PC released yet?

Yes Both FIFA Soccer 10 released on October 26 2009 and FIFA Manager 10 released on October 30 2009 were already released for the PC

How many soccer firlds do they need for the FIFA?

Do you mean how many stadiums do they need for the FIFA World Cup. If this the question then it is 10.

Is FIFA 10 the best game ever?

Fifa 10 is the best soccer game ever made....better than pes and all the wanna be fifa games......fifa 10 wont ever be any other game.......l.........p.s get a life who ever doesnt own fifa 10

What are 10 rules of soccer?

In soccer, the rules are called the Laws of the Game. There are 17 of them, and FIFA, the world governing body of soccer has them posted at their website. A link is provided.

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