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What is the difference between GNOME and KDE?

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Gnome and KDE are desktop environments. They provide a suite of different applications that achieve their own kind of user interface that are tailored to many users' needs (yet some are customizable as well should you need or want to tweak anything).

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How can you install GNOME and KDE on your system?

use VMware player to install Gnome and KDE

Does Ubunto use the Gnome or KDE Graphical interface by default?

Gnome. If you want KDE, you can use Kubuntu, the KDE derivative of Ubuntu.

What interfaces do different Linux distributions use?

Ubuntu - GNOME Kubuntu - KDE Xubuntu - Xfce Puppy Linux - JWM Damn Small Linux - JWM, Fluxbox Fedora - GNOME (default) OpenSUSE - KDE (default) Debian - GNOME, KDE, Xfce Red Hat Enterprise Linux - GNOME Linux Mint - GNOME Xandros - KDE PCLinuxOS - KDE

Does Ubuntu use the Gnome or KDE graphical iterface by default?

Gnome There is a KDE version named Kubuntu, however

What are GNOME and KDE?

Desktop environments.

What happens if when installing OpenSUSE you select the KDE desktop but choose GNOME apps?

Everything will still work. However gnome applications do not interact with the desktop environment of KDE as well as they would with gnome. The differences will be mainly superficial. You can always remove the gnome applications later and replace them with kde ones if you want.

Does ubuntu use the gnome or kde graphical interface by default?

Ubuntu uses GNOME by default. However, a KDE version is available, named Kubuntu. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of its GNOME counterpart

Which GUI is commonly used with Linux?


What is the difference between Kubuntu and Ubuntu?

Kubuntu is an Ubuntu operating system with KDE instead of the Gnome environment. Kubuntu is not a fork of Ubuntu, it is supported by the same community and packages are in the same archives. If you have Ubuntu and wish to install Kubuntu (or vice-versa), you need only install the Kubuntu/KDE or the Ubuntu/Gnome environment packages in your existing installation.

How many desktop environment did Linux have?

There are many desktop environments in linux. Most prominent would be: KDE Trinity - KDE fork (response to KDE 4.0 dissatisfaction) Gnome MATE - Gnome fork (response to Gnome 3.0 dissatisfaction) Cinnamon - Gnome fork (response to Gnome 3.0 dissatisfaction) Unity - Ubuntu's desktop environment (built on top of Gnome 3.0) XFCE LXDE There are many more. Also, there are window managers that have comparable functionality (ex. Enlightenment)

Is Gnome or KDE good for multimedia computer?

Yes. Both are fine.

What are the two predominant Linux desktops currently in use?


What is Linux desktop manager?

there are too many Gnome, unity, kde, ....

What is the purpose of having more than one desktop environment like KDE or GNOME available for Linux?

KDE and GNOME are the result of two different attempts to create a free and open-source desktop environment for Linux. KDE was created first. KDE used a widget toolkit known as "Qt", which was not open-source back then. Since some users wanted one that was completely open-source, even the toolkit, the GNOME project was created. Many users still liked KDE, though. Those who did not want to switch stuck with KDE. Those who insisted on free software chose GNOME. Later, the Qt toolkit was open-sourced, which removed much of the incentive for GNOME to exist, but enough users at that point like GNOME better, so development has continued.

What is a good basic programming program for Linux?

gedit for gnome, kate for KDE

Which common GUI environments are available in most linux distributions?

gnome and kde

What are the two most common desktop environments in Red Hat Enterprise Linux?


Which is better GNOME or KDE?

That is a matter of user preference, and not everyone will agree with either the verdict or the criteria for choosing.

What are the different Ubuntu desktops?

By default, Ubuntu comes with Ubuntu (Unity) and Unity 2D. Kubuntu comes with KDE. You can install other desktop environments from any Ubuntu desktop. For example, GNOME Shell comes with GNOME 3.2, GNOME Classic, and GNOME Fallback.

What is the GUI of Linux called?

There are many that can be chosen with a variety of backends. Examples include Gnome, KDE, LXDE, XFCE... etc

What are the two Linux desktops are currently in use?

There are several desktop environments for Linux currently in use. The most popular are GNOME and KDE.

How do you get graphical mode in linux?

The most often used X Window (graphical) desktop environments are KDE and GNOME. There are many others.

Is Linux a user interface that incorporates point-and-click technology?

The answer is Yes and No. Point and click technology can be incorporated into Linux, or it can be run as a basic command line. Multiple "point and click" GUIs are available with the most popular being gnome and KDE. For example, Ubuntu runs gnome, but people who prefer the KDE GUI can download Kubuntu.

What is the notification area in Linux?

A notification area provides notifications. There are many kinds of notification area applets, for example the GNOME and KDE applets.

What command did you use to create directory?

mkdir this is the new directory command. or in kde/gnome right click in a folder and choose new folder.