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They are the same. While a king reigns, it is the King's English. While a queen reigns, it is the Queen's English


The monarch of England is sometimes a king and sometimes a queen (at the present time, March 2013, it is Queen Elizabeth II) but the English language does not change; it is the monarch's English. We just use different terms to reflect the identity of the reigning monarch.


The expression "the queen's English" refers to the reigning British monarch. Since English currently has a queen, and has for almost 60 years, the proper expression is "the queen's English."


I suppose when Charles becomes king, the expression might change to "the king's English."


ACTUALLY, the expression "The King's English" refers to a title of a book written by the Fowler brothers in 1906, which deals with the English language, its pronunciation, etc. A book's title does not change just because a monarch changes. Therefore, it is "The King's English", regardless of whether the current monarch is male or female.


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Q: What is the difference between King's English and Queen's English?
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