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Msc in Operation Management would be a specialized course in operations whereas an MBA in Operation Management is more of a general management course where you can take a specialization.

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Q: What is the difference between MSc in operation management and MBA in operation management?
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What is difference between MSc in operation management and MBA in operation management?

The difference between MSc in operation management and MBA in operation management is that MSc in operation management leads to a general manager while the latter leads to an operations manager.

What is difference between MBA and mini MBA?

Simply Mini MBA for Middle Management and MBA for top Management

What are differences between MBA in Finance and MBA in Marketing?

There are several distinct differences between MBA in finance and MBA in Marketing. Some of the differences between MBA in finance and MBA in marketing are: different programs, and focus on different problems.

What is the difference between MBA and MMS masters in management studies is the both same?

Yes, because they are both studies about buisness management.

What is the difference between a general MBA and a specialist MBA?

The MBA was developed as a general management qualification for engineers to be able to gain management skills. Our specialist MBA programmes recognizes that many business and commerce students want to extend their knowledge at postgraduate level. Increasingly employers look for specialist skills when they are employing MBA graduates.

What is the difference between MBA and MBA in IT?

If you are doing MBA so you have to select any stream, IT, marketing, Finance etc.

What is the difference between MBA and masters of management?

The MBA is a terminal degree... as in... it prepares you for an employment soon after you graduate. The MS is a continuing degree... as in... it prepares you for further research (Ph.D). Hence the focus and the way the courses are taught change accordingly. Check explains it quite well

What is the difference between MBA and M.Com?

Only difference is of advancement. MBA is far more advanced version than M.Com

What is the difference between MBA and MBS?

The Master of Business Studies (MBS) is a common purpose program in annual system, designed to enable the students to work as competent mangers and to meet the demand of higher level managers in organizations, particularly in the functional areas of management. Upon graduation, a student should be able to function as a manager in business, industry, government and non government sectors, within and outside the country, in areas like accounting, marketing, finance and general management...MBA is an advance Form of MBS..MBA is more practical than MBS...

What is the Difference between MBA and Masters of commerce in Business administration?

A MBA is a general business management degree, often concentrating on management theory and leadership. A Masters of commerce is a more specialist, technical degree often with a major in accounting,finance or other technical speciality.

Universities offering MBA pharmaceutical management in India?

MBA Pharmaceutical Management

What is the difference between MBA from a university and an MBA from Indian Institute of Management?

It is the same difference as Engineering form IIT and engineering from any local sate college IIMs are one of best and well known in World for management education you cannot compare IIMs MBA with any other university yes there are few which come into same line like FMS,XLRI,ISB etc but IIMS are far ahead from them for more information regrading MBA you can visit the following link

How future of MBA in project management?

The future of Project Management MBA is quite bright. Mostly students pursue their MBA in marketing, finance or HR. The count of Project Management MBA's is very low.

Which is most wanted MBA specialization in all companies?

MBA in Banking & Finance , MBA in Bio-techonology ,MBA in Hospitality Management & MBA in Human Resource Management.

You are be mechanical student is any special side of MBA for be mechanical student?


Who is the father of MBA?

Business is responsible for the origination of MBA. As management was always there but MBA emerged due to the need of management in business administration.

What is MBA in operation?


What is the difference between MBA and MMS?

The MBA is a Masters in Business Administration, while the MMS is a Masters in Medical Science (two distinct and separate fields of study)PGDBM = Post graduation diploma in business managementPGDBA = Post graduation diploma in business administrationPGDM = Post graduation diploma in managementMBA = Masters in Business AdministrationMMS = Masters in Management Studies

What is the difference between M.Com and M.Sc?


What is the difference between MA disicplines and MS disiciplines?

meaning of MBA

What is the difference between jd or MBA?

The juris doctor degree is the degree awarded to those who successfully complete law school. The MBA is a master's in business administration. This degree is typically pursued by those who wish executive management and/or leadership positions within organizations.

How do you download MBA project a study on receivables management?

i want to download the mba project study on receivable management

Which are the different specializations offered in MBA Colleges in Bangalore?

MBA colleges in Bangalore, provide following specializations covering major areas of study for the students. MBA is a vast post-graduation management program containing many branches of specializations. MBA specializations vary based on the area of study the management studies are conducted. Each individual chooses a different background to pursue MBA in their respective colleges. Be it full time or part time, there are many specializations offered in the MBA colleges in Bangalore. AIMS IBS, covers all the important branches of specializations in MBA which compete with all other international colleges and institutes. MBA in Finance MBA in Human Resource Management MBA in Information Technology (IT) MBA in Logistics Management MBA in Marketing Management MBA in Business Management MBA in Rural Management MBA in Health Care Management MBA in Operations Management MBA in Event Management MBA in Business Analytics AIMS IBS has the needed infrastructure to support each kind of specialization with the needed knowledge. The student-friendly faculty provides the much needed inputs and clear any doubts regarding the subject. Courses such as HR, Finance, IT, Marketing, Health care is of demand in the industry. Also, the placement plans provide training to the students to get recruited in renowned companies suitable as per the branch of study. AIMS IBS management studies give a world-class learning experience along with quality education. They have the track record of offering courses that fetch valuable experience and jobs for those pursuing the course. There were many students who turned into managers, analysts, HRs, event managers, operation managers and even entrepreneurs after pursuing MBA at AIMS IBS.

What is the difference between MPM and MBA in HR?

Mba is master in business administration in whole u learn economics, marketing, hr everything and mpm is master in personnel management only concentrating in hr so there's big difference always go for mba first, second option can be mpm choose good college not low profile colleges its waste of money and time as per my knowledge

Is professional diploma in business management equal to MBA?

You mean PGDBM (Post Graduate diploma in Business Administration). Yes, PGDBM is equivalent to MBA. No difference in these courses.

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