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Nu Kappa Psi is an organization probably created by brother of Kappa Kappa Psi or someone who looks up to the Fraternity. Nu Kappa Psi has no affiliation with Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity on a national level though.

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Q: What is the difference between Nu Kappa Psi and Kappa Kappa Psi?
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Why do members of Kappa Alpha Psi say Kappa Alpha Psi came from a KAN?

Because Kappa Alpha Nu was the original name of the fraternity.

What is meaning of phi nu pi?

Phi Nu Phi is the motto of the evolved fraternity, Alpha Kappa Nu. It means "Friends Never Part." PHI NU PI: Phi = Friends Nu = Never Pi = Part Alpha Kappa Nu(1903)-->Alpha Omega (1910) --->Kappa Alpha Nu(1911)--->Kappa Alpha Psi (1915)

Why kappa alpha psi changed the name from kappa alpha nu?

One of the founders went to a track meet where a member of the fraternity was referred to as the Kappa Alpha N-word (Kappa Alpha is white fraternity) so he elected to have the Nu changed to Psi so that the "N" of the acronym couldn't be used to put down members.

What does phi nu pi mean kappa alpha psi?

Phi Nu Pi is a secret only NUPES will know of. It's a secret amongst those that are NUPE in the brotherhood of Kappa Alpha Psi. Many will try to figure it out but that something only they know along with the meaning of NUPE. Every NUPE knows the meaning because every NUPE is a Kappa but every Kappa fail to know the meaning because every Kappa is not a NUPE there is a difference. Although it is still one bond.

When was Nu Alpha Kappa created?

Alpha Kappa Nu was created in 1903.

When was Eta Kappa Nu created?

Eta Kappa Nu was created on 1904-10-28.

What is Theta Kappa Nu's motto?

Theta Kappa Nu's motto is 'Every Man Is a Man'.

When was Theta Kappa Nu created?

Theta Kappa Nu was created on 1924-06-09.

Who are the phi nu pi?

The secret of Kappa Alpha Psi: Friends Never Part The words are actually written at the bottom of their shield. Not too smart, eh?

What is phi nu pi?

Phi Nu, pertaining to what? There are many things that could be an answer. I'll list a few, let me know if any are right.PHI (Philippine Long Distance Telephone (ADR)) - NU (Northeast Utilities System)Phi Nu - Philly Nudists and NaturistsPhi Nu Kappa Sorority

What does phi nu pi stand for?

Get on the ship and you will find out the meaning of Phi Nu Pi.

What does pi nu pi stand for?

The secret of Kappa Alpha Psi: Fraternity, Knowledge, Fidelity. The words are actually written at the bottom of their shield. Not too smart, eh?