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What is the difference between Open Access and Open Source software?

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Open Access pertains similar principles and goals to publication (of mostly academic research), where Open Source does apply to computer program source code. See related links below for details.

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What is the difference between freeware and open source software?

Freeware is software for which the author or authors are not seeking monetary compensation. Open-source software is software whose authors have decided to allow other programmers to access the software they have created so as to invite community improvement.

What is the difference between open source and closed source software?

In open source software, the source code is disclosed to te public while in closed source it is not.

What is the difference between open-source and closed-source software?

The answer is in the question itself. Open-source software has it's source code available to everyone. Closed-source software does not.

What is the difference between open source and close source software?

Open source software has the full source code of the software available for other users to inspect, help improve and build upon. Closed source software does not make the source code of the software available to the public.

What is the difference between freeware software and open-source software?

both are usually free, but with opensource (if you are a programmer) you can actually edit the source and extend the software as needed.

What is the difference between commercial software and open source software ?

Commercial software is software for businesses that one can use to promote and run their business efficiently. Open source software is for everybody. Anyone can use this.

What is the difference between free software and open source software?

Free Software means Software you can use without PAY(All Free Software are not Open Source) Open Source Software means it is free and you can edit and modify it as per your needs and you can contribute.

Difference between open source and conventional source?

a license that allows developers to change and share the source code of the licensed software

Difference between open source software and close source software?

Open source software is usually free and its source code is available to anyone who wants modify or enhance it. On the contrary, close source software, also referred to as proprietary software, has its source code only available for modification to the team, person or organization that created it.

What is the difference between open-source and free software?

Open SourceSoftware that comes with or without a license and includes the source code that is used to compile or build the program. Free SoftwareSoftware that the programmer has elected to give away at no cost, but does not release the sourcecode for the application.

What is the difference between source code and specially written software?

Source code means the form of the software which is the most suitable for human understanding; while 'specially written software' is... well, okay, I admit I have no idea what do you mean by that...

What is the definition of open source software?

Open source software is software where the authors have granted access to some or all of the source code. Open source software is not necessarily free software, but it gives end-users much greater freedom compared to closed source software, provided the software is used in accordance with the licence agreement.

Difference between software and programes?

Program is a specific kind of software, whereas software is just the general term. Program is source code + object code, whereas software is documentation + source code + object code Program is set of instructions, whereas software is set of programs.

Is Microsoft Office is a Proprietary software?

Yes it is. It is owned by Microsoft and they do not give access to the source code for the program, unlike open source software programs.

What is the difference between proprietary software and open-source software?

proprietary software You need an authorized license paid for in order to use the software. open-source software any body can use, an is usually Free. You can use the software for you personal use. Give a donation is you like it. You are not supposed to change the "code" or modify it.

What is the difference between free software and open-source software?

Free software is software that makes few or no restrictions on what you can do with it or the source code. According to the Free Software Foundation, in order for software to be considered "free", it must: * Allow use of the program for any purpose. * Have the source code available, to see how it works and change it. * Allow you to distribute unmodified copies of the software * Allow you to modify and release the changes to the program. "Open-source" software only needs to meet the second criteria. Software can have it's source available, but forbid you to release it commercially, or release modified copies of the binaries / source.

What is the difference between legal and illegal software?

Legal software is either open source, freeware, or purchased software. Open source and freeware are going to be listed by the creator as free, no obligation software, while purchased software will be bought at a store or online. Illegal software is any version of software that you normally have to purchase, which is listed online or elsewhere for free, not from the manufacturer.

What is the difference between dot net and php?

.net is a framework based on Microsoft software and is not open source, php is a language which is open source and based on Linux/unix systems

What is difference between freeware and open source?

Freeware is computer software that is distributed without charge. Open source is computer software the author of which claims no copyright. There are several ways "open source" is defined, the most popular being GNU. However! Freeware can be copyrighted, and open source can be sold for money.

What is the difference between open source software and commercial software?

commercial software is made for profit. it is maintained by a company, and it's code is a trade secret, hidden, "closed source", because you can't see it (and therefore steal it) open source software is free to use. it is created not for profit, typically maintained by a community of individuals. its code is free for everyone to look at, modify, steal, etc. sometimes you will have trouble downloading open source software - make sure you download the "windows binaries" or "windows compile" and not the source code

Open Source Education?

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What is the difference of between software application and the open source software application?

I believe what you are asking is what is the difference between proprietary software and open source software. The answer is that proprietary software is basically (like you said) readily available in the market, whereas open source software is usually (but not always) free. However, there are other differences as well. Proprietary software has what you would call a copyright, in other words it belongs to someone, usually but not always the person(s) who designed it. You cannot make any changes to such kind of software without breaking some sort of (copyright) law. Free, open source software is free in the sense of freedom because instead of a copyright it has a copyleft (no kidding, look it up). Basically the software can be modified by anyone, including you, as long as whatever modification is made to it is also bound by the same copyleft idea, which is the GPL license. The Linux operating systems are a great example of open source software, as opposed to Windows for example.

What the difference between open source and licensed software?

Open source is a set of principles and practices on how to write software. Literally "open source" means the source code is available to the users. The Open Source Definition, which was created by Bruce Perens and Eric Raymond and is currently maintained by the Open Source Initiative, adds additional meaning to the term. One should not only get the source code but also have the right to use it. If the latter is denied the license is categorized as a shared source license.A software license agreement is a memorandum of contract between a producer and a user of computer software which grants the user a software license. Most often, a software license agreement indicates the terms under which an end-user may utilize the licensed software, in which case the agreement is called an end-user license agreement or EULA. When the software license agreement is between the software licensor and a business or government entity, it is often implemented as a specialized form of contract with many clauses unique to the license and the nature of the software being licensed.

Explain the difference between a form of energy and a source of energy?

the difference is that a source is where u get it from and a form is the type of energy. the difference is that a source is where u get it from and a form is the type of energy.

What is the difference between OCR and commercial software?

Commercial software normally cost more and is made to look like it has more features when in fact it is normally around the same amount of features as the open source software. Commercial software is normally only needed it for bigger business needs.