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RAM is random access memory which can be written to and read.

ROM is read only memory which is programmed to do a specific job,

it can not be edited after it has been burnt ROM-- When viewing on a computer, Read Only Memory is information you can read and cannot click or cannot make it operable. It is not accessible.

RAM--When viewing on a computer, Random Access Memory is information you can access and you can click and you can make it operable. It is accessible.

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Difference between RAM nd RAM?

Do you mean the difference between RAM and ROM? If that is what you meant then ROM is what is used to read discs that are put into the computer, but RAM is used to temporarily hold memory from desktop and web based applications.

Two differences between RAM and ROM?

ROM - is intended as read only - RAM is read/write ROM retains its memory when the computer is switched off - RAM doesn't

Give one difference between Rom and Ram?

ROM isn't erased when you turn the power off, whereas RAM is.

What differenc between ROM and RAm?

Data written on a ROM is permanent - Data written to RAM is erased when the computer is switched off.

How much Ram and Rom does the computer system have?

If I was to purchase a computer that is a average desktop computer how much RAM and Rom should I have?

What is the definition and difference between ram rom and cache memory?

They are all the same type of memory. All three of them are located internally. Rom can be upgraded. Ram cant be removed from the internal computer. -Certified Network Admin

Is a computer RAM or ROM?

ram du

State the difference between a RAM and ROM memory cell?

The difference is that RAM is volatile and used for both read and write whereas the ROM is non-volatile and is only used for reading.

What is the different ROM and RAM?

Rom is nonvolatile memory ..... and Ram is volatile memory . Basic information of a computer is stored in Rom .

What is the diff between ram and rom?

ROM mean Read Only Memory and RAM mean Random Access memory. In computer these two types of memories are used.

What is the difference between flash ram and flash rom?

Flash RAM is used for temporary data, such as in a USB drive. Flash ROM is used for bios and system files.

When the computer is turned on it contains instructions that start the computer when you turn it on is it RAM or ROM?


When the computer is turned off its gone so is it ROM or RAM?


What is the main difference between RAM ROM?

RAM is volatile memory, it only retains information when powered. ROM is read-only memory, which remains after being switched off

What are the 2 similarities between RAM and ROM?

the similarities is that rom can erase and ram cannot

What is the difference batween ram and rom?

ROM, as in CD-ROM, refers to the way in which you access the stored data, i.e. Read-Only Memory. RAM (Random Access Memory) is the amount of memory a computer can access to complete a given action. The more RAM, the quicker the action can be performed.

What is the difference between ram and rom?

RAM can be written to at the same speed as it can be read. ROM either cannot be written to, or writing to it typically takes orders of magnitude longer than it can be read.

When the computer boots which memory does it use either the ram or rom?

The computer is pulling from the hard drive information and is putting into RAM by using software that is burned into the ROM.

What is the difference between RAM aand ROM?

Random Access Memory (RAM) can have some of your own information saved to it. Read-Only Memory (ROM) cannot have any information saved to it as it has its own information. For example: CD - ROM

Computer memory consists of?

Ram Rom PROM

Compare and contrast RAM and ROM?

RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory; ROM is an acronym for Read Only Memory. Both RAM and ROM are random access; that is, each cell in memory is directly accessible. The cells in RAM can be both read from and written to. The cells in ROM can only be read from. The bit pattern in ROM is determined at the time of manufacture or burned when the computer is assembled. Once a ROM has been burned (written), it cannot be changed. Another major difference is that RAM is volatile and ROM is not. This means that RAM does not maintain its bit patterns when the power is turned off, but ROM does.

Why is ROM needed in a computer?

it is needed because ROM and RAM is what makes up the hard-drive and without the ROM the computer would not be able to start.

What are ram memory?

Ram memory stands for Random Access Memory. Computer chips come with two types of internal memory, Ram and rom. Rom is Read Only Memory and Ram is Random Access Memory. Rom memory is installed in the factory and is not changed. Ram can be changed constantly. Ram can contain information typed into the computer, downloaded by the internet, or resulting from actions within the computer.

What will not retain data after the computer is turned off DVD ram rom harddrive?


Ram and rom are examples of what memory?

2 things to answer that Your question sounds like a test. RAM and ROM are two different things, RAM is the amount of virtual memory a computer has and ROM is read only material.