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What is the difference between a Bachelors Degree and a Doctorate Degree if you want to become a pediatrician?


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To become a pediatrician, a person must graduate from medical school and be licensed to practice medicine. A bachelor's degree is a 4 year degree. This would be a first step toward become a doctor. After a bachelor's degree, the person would then apply to medical schools. It takes about 4 years to go to medical school. After medical school, comes residency which is where the doctor selects the kinds of patients he/she wishes to work with, in this case, pediatrics. .


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there is no difference, they both are the same thing

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The associate and bachelor's degree are referred to as undergraduate degrees. The master's and doctorate degrees are referred to as graduate degrees.

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I Dont think there is any difference between PHD and Doctorate. A person who has acquired a PHD or Doctorate could be called as a Doctor....

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