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What is the difference between a Master's degree in history and a Bachelor's degree in history?


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The master's degree is advanced coursework that typically follows The Bachelor's degree. If you were to place degrees in order from lowest to highest - with few exceptions - they would be as follows.

* associate * bachelor * masters * doctorate (highest level of academic attainment)

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Yes you can! However, the college or university may require you to complete prerequisite course work if not completed already within your bachelors or masters degree.

There is no particular bachelors degree needed for entrance to an MLS. However, many take there bachelors in English literature, history, or a type of science.

Answer One is an award for successfully completing a course in field of science (biology, computers, environment etc) and the other in the much wider field of arts (history, geography, business etc).

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The bachelors of arts degree is the overall degree category under which there are various programs of study. For example, education, English, communications, history, etc. As such, the bachelors of arts in English is just specifying the program of study the student majored in. In other words, the individual completed a bachelors level degree, with a specialization in English.

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the difference between life and history is that life is what you do far as live and suceed and history is what happens in the pass like when you done reading this

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Yes. You can get a Bachelors degree in art history online (as part of a degree completion program) at Mansfield University in Pennsylvania. Masters degree online programs in Art History for U.S. students are, at the present ( July 2011), virtually impossible to find.

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MA refers to Masters of Arts. The main subjects include hindi, literature, sanskrit, history etc.... whereas M .Ed refers to Masters of Education. This is a course that includes courses on how to teach students. M.ed's main focus is on developing the teaching skills.

The difference between history and archaeology is that history is the study of the past based on WRITTEN SOURCES (books, etc) and archaeology is the study of the past based on MATERIAL REMAINS (houses, bones, etc).

The choice is yours. You may choose from a related field particular to your bachelors or masters, or then again something completely different. If the PhD is in a none related field, there may be some prerequisite work you will be required to take first before entering the professional phase of the program. So, it is not so much a question of "can", but a question of your overall career goals and objectives, and which program of study will satisfy them.

History reminds people of the past. Education prepares them for the future.

History is the background story of whatever you are wondering about. Origin is how it started.

Technology is machinery and electronic stuff. History is the past and past events.

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History is an interpretation of facts; fiction is based primarily on the writer's imagination.

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