What is the difference between a bassist and a guitarist?


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A Bassist plays the Bass Guitar.

A Guitarist plays the "non-bass" guitar.

Both are technically Guitarists - The bass player provides the bottom of the sound.

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The lead singer/guitarist Aaron Lewis, lead guitarist Mike Mushok, and bassist Johnny April.

A bass Guitarist I would venture to guess that a person who plays the bass guitar is called a "bassist". Calling a person who plays a bass guitar a "guitarist" would also be acceptable. Bass player Bassist Bass guitarist Guitarist is misleading

Microphone for singer. Guitar for rhythm guitarist, bassist, and lead guitarist. Drums for drummer.

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Mike Kennerty is ryhtm guitarist, not bassist.

piano bassist vocalist guitarist drumist

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all 3 of them play guitar, drums and piano and have since they were little. They have a backup guitarist by the name of John Taylor and a bassist Greg Garbowsky.

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the group consists of vocalist M. Shadows, lead guitarist Synyster Gates, rhythm guitarist Zacky Vengeance, bassist Johnny Christ.

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The original bass guitarist for Breaking Benjamin, who was in the band between 1998 and 2001, was named Jonathan "Bug" Price. When he left the band, he was replaced by Mark Klepaski, previously bassist with Lifer, also known as Strangers With Candy, who were famous for a cover of "Take On Me".

They haven't kicked out a guitarist. Scott Weiland, the singer, is not in the group at the moment so they are without a lead singer. Slash, Duff McKagan (Bassist), and Dave Kushner (rhythm guitarist) are still with the band.

The following play in Napalm: Balraj (Electric guitarist/ Main vocalist) Haroon (Electric Guitarist) Tavleen (Lead Electric Guitarist/Acoustic Guitarist) Arthie (Keyboard/Piano/Backing Vocals) Vinay (Drummer) Gaurav (Bassist/Screamer/Lyricist) Joshua (Rhythm Guitarist)

They had a vocalist, lead guitarist, bassist, drummer, and occasionally keyboards or special effects.

Daniel Johns- vocalist and guitarist Ben Gillies-drummer Chris Joannou- bassist

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