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What is the difference between a cake and a pie?


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March 06, 2010 8:47PM

Well, a pie is made with pastry. Cakes, generally speaking, not. The only cake I know of which has pastry incorporated is a Napoleon cake.Cake is a pastry.Not to be mean ,because i don't have alot of info,but... how can you not know cake is a pastry?!Asked by Kylenater. The easiest way to answer this question is with this, a pie has a some sort of a crust, hence cheesecake being a pie, it has a crust. Cake is lacking crust unless it's left out too long, but at that point no one should be eating it.

Pies consists of crusts and fillings while cakes are cake and frosting. Cakes are generally lighter and fluffier while pies are heavier and focused mostly on a flaky crust and thick filling.