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A carnivore snail will eat meat or eat other snails and a herbivore snail will not eat meat and will only eat vegetables.

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Not all snails are herbivore nor are they carnivores. Carnivore snails can drill into a herbivore snails shell and eat them!they're scavengersNo it's a herbivore

Carnivore snails can drill into a herbivore snails shell and eat them!

its a decomposer but it can also be a herbavore

They're herbivores. Rarely you can find Carnivore snails. But a snail is definitely a herbivore! :)

A pufferfish is a carnivore. Here is some more facts about puffer fish. They have to eat hard shelled animals to survive. For instance snail or a crab.

Typically, sea snails are carnivorous. Some land snails are also carnivorous

yes.yes it is and a snail is a herbivore!

A snail is a mollusk and a tortoise is a reptile.

yes, a tree snail is a herbavore

A snail is a herbivore, eating such things as leaves

A snail is small and an elephant is very big.

I would say it is a herbivore, because they would probably eat the algae in the pond, but some might be carnivores or omnivores, so your best bet is to just look online.

if you found it in water its a water snail if you found it on land its a land snail

a butterflly differ from a snail because its not slimy and has beautifful wings

Slugs don't have shells. That is the difference.

Garden snails, the most common type, are herbivores. Some snails, like the wolf snails, will eat other snails, so they are carnivores.

Pond snails tend to be bigger and more colorful shells

One is a reptile, one is a mollusk.

A fish egg has baby fish in it, a snail egg has baby snails in it!

Yes, a goat is an omnivore with the cause that is eats everything it finds and it does not know what it is eating for example if it is eating grass it might also be eating a snail or another insect.Herbivores.

yes, it only eats plants

That depends upon the species of snail and their facies. {look it up} Most aquatic snails eat whatever is on the surface they traverse. Since the algae (phytoplankton and zooplancton over which they browse) are intermingled, it is probably most accurate to describe them as omnivorous. firstmate

Slugs have no shell and snails have shells

The difference between a Gastropod and a Pelecypod is a Gastropod is a snail like creature and a Pelecypod is a clam like creature