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Both a psychologist and a psychiatrist can hold therapy sessions with the child in question.

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor that has received specialized training after the standard medical school stint, whereas a psychologist is not. Psychiatrists are also the only one out of the two who can write prescriptions for medication.

Usually, a psychologist will work with the child first, and if he or she determines that there is a need for medicine, he or she will then refer the child to the psychiatrist.

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Q: What is the difference between a child psychologist and child psychiatrist?
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Where can I find a child psychologist?

In looking for a psychiatrist or psychologist for a child I would turn to the pediatrician for a referral. In most cases, pediatricians work in conjuction with many specialists and counselors and can help you find the best one for your son.

What are some careers that need a psychology background?

Some careers that I know of that need a psychology background include: psychologist, psychiatrist, child psychologist and therapists (not physical therapists obviously)

What is a child psychiatrist?

A child psychiatrist is a psychiatrist that serves children and uses dfferent techniques due to the child's age and the methods are usually a little more sensible

What abbreviation is used for psychiatrist?

There are no shortenings of psychiatrist, but slang for Psychiatrist can be "Shrink", and "Quack". Those who dislike the term Psychiatrist often say head-doctor, and psychiatrists themselves generally refer to themselves by their fields, i.e. Clinical Psychologist (which is a psychiatrist,) Forensic Psychologist, Child Psyschologist, Criminal Psychologist, etc.____________________"Psych." can be an abbreviation for either profession, as well as the words "psychiatry" and "psychology", though not in formal usage.____________________5/16/10 - I'm a psychiatrist. I'm not sure how common this is, but in my training we abbreviated "psychiatry," "psychiatric," and "psychiatrist" with the Greek letter psi (pronounced like "sigh"). If you go to wikipedia and type "psi" there's an image of capital psi and lowercase psi. Handwritten, they end up looking the same and much like Indiana University's symbol.- RM

Can a neurologist treat ADHD?

If you think your child or someone you know may have ADD/ ADHD you can seek a psychologist, psychiatrist, or neurologist. Neurologists can diagnose and prescribe any relevant medication if neccessary.

Five Difference between guidance and counseling?

1) Guidance is for people who have trouble getting along with others. Counselling is for people who have psychological problems. 2) Guidance is only at schools/colleges. You go to a psychiatrist, psychologist, or Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) when you need counseling, which is not only at a school. 3) If you are going to be a psychiatrist, psychologist, or Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), you are going to have to take more classes in child growth than guidance, but not by much. 4) Guidance is not for mentally ill people. 5) People get in trouble for harassing others at guidance. At counseling, it is just help for a problem, which usually doesn't have to do with harassing people.

Would a child psychologist have to travel for their job?

yes a child psychologist does have to travel for their job

How does a child psychologist impact the world?

A child psychologist influences the future adult of the next generation.

How do you evaluate a child's sociopathic behavior?

Ask the psychiatrist treating the child. If the child hasn't seen a psychiatrist then take him/her to a really good child psychiatrist; don't diagnose or label a child as a sociopath on the basis of what you read on this and other sites. With children, it's easy to mistake bad behaviour for sociopathic behaviour.

Why should you be an adolescent and child psychiatrist?

An adolescent is a teenager and child psychiatrist's are very important to help children that need help, have depression etc.

Should a child with ADHD have testing and evaluations done and also should they see a psychologist?

Since ADHD/ADD is WAY overdiagnosed these days, I would highly recommend that you take your child to be assessed by a psychiatrist, who should try a drug trial/test to see if your child truly has ADHD. A test often used is to have the child do a sample of writing (ADHD writing is often very sloppy). Then a dose of a stimulant (Ritalin, Dexedrine, etc.) is given and after 30-45 minutes the child is asked to write another sample. ADHD children will almost always have a dramatic difference in their ability to write legibly. The child should also undergo psychological testing, looking for other disorders that often coincide with ADHD (such as Juvenile Bipolar Disorder), or can be mistaken for ADHD. Find a reputable Child Psychiatrist in your area for an evaluation.

Should psychologist be capitalized for example My friend is a psychologist?

The word psychologist should not be capitalized unless you specify what kind of psychologist. For example: My friend is a Child Psychologist. I hope that helps. :)

Is there a difference between adult and child digestion?

no, there is not much of a difference.

What is the difference between child's and children?

child's is possessive while children is the plural of child.

Does a child psychologist ever need a psychologist also?

Absolutely yes Absolutely yes

Child psychologist salary in Essex?

The salary you can expect as a child psychologist in Essex to range from 25,528 annually as a trainee to as much as 80,000. Most child psychologists can expect around 46,621.

How can you use the word psychologist?

I'll be glad to call your psychologist for you. My divorced friends are taking their son (or daughter) to a child psychologist.

What are the benefits of being a child psychologist?

you are helping a child think about that one

What is the difference between legitimate child and a illegitimate child?

The differences is that the legitimate child is the legal child while the illegitimate child is the illegal child.

What is the hourly rate for child psychiatrist in CT?


What is the difference between family child care service and child care centers?

no, they are the same

I have just answered my 10th standard and i want to be a child psychiatrist so can you guide me in this what should i do now in order to be a child psychiatrist thanking you in anticipation.?

Please ask your school guidance counselor or teacher.

What is the difference between child labor and child work?

Yes there is a huge difference between child labour and child work. Child labour is when a child has no other choice but to work. To either provide for themselves or their family or pay off their parentsdebt. Child work is when they are not forced to work but at their own will. For instance to earn some extra cash or work experience.

What is the definition of a child psychiatrist?

A child psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in the field of child psychiatry. They are medical doctors who assess, diagnose and treat mental disorders of children. Unlike psychologists, who cannot write prescriptions for medications, a psychiatrist can prescribe medications. They also use diagnostic tools that other physicians use, such as CT scans, MRI's, etc.

What are the disadvantages of being a child psychologist?

you might not be able to get the child to talk about their problem.