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A class is a type definition. An object is an instance of a class.

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There is no difference; to define an object in C++ you use the 'class' definition

A class is the definition of a type, while an object is an instance of a class.

You cannot point at a class, you can only point at an instance of a class, which is simply another term for an object. The class is essentially the object's type; it define's the object's behaviour, but is not the object in and of itself. The class also defines a pointer's type, so we can point at instances of a class and access the the object it represents through indirection.

A class is the definition for a type of object that can instantiated. An object is an instance of that class. You work with the objects, not the class. The class merely describes what you can do with the object.

You cannot point at a class. Pointers are defined by the class of object they can point at. An object is an instance of a class and the pointer points at the object, not the class.

An object is simply an instance of a class.

An attribute is a class member variable while a behaviour is a class member method.

abstract class no defination used by derieved class where virtual base class is defination that can be overriden later on

these are difference in between c and c++: a) C is a SPL and C++ is a OOP. b) C has not concept of object but C++ has this feature. c) C has not 'class' name data type but C++ has.

An object in C++ is an instance of a C++ class.

java is an advanced object oriented programming language than c++

A C struct can contain only data; a C++ class can contain both data and functions.

An object is simply an instance of a class. #include<iostream> class my_object {}; int main() { my_object X; // instantiate an instance of the class my_object, identified as X. }

C++ is an object oriented, what is Object oriented is : Object-oriented languages provide abstraction via classes. Classes define the properties and methods of an object type. C is not an object oriented

Cin is a class that corresponds to the keyboard, and cout is a class that corresponds to the screen. They are also known as stdin and stdout.

A static member variable is local to the class rather than to an object of the class.

Private members are accessible to the class and friends of the class. Protected members are also accessible to derived classes.

A private member can only be accessed by other methods of the same class, while a public member can be accessed by methods of any class or by non class code.

The fundamental difference is that in C++ object-oriented programming (OOP) was added. C is a procedural language (that means. top-down structure design), where as C++, which is an extension of C itself, is an object oriented language.

A pointer is simply a variable that can store a memory address and has the same purpose in both languages. The only real difference is that C++ pointers can point at objects (instances of a class) and indirectly invoke their methods, whereas pointers in C (which is not object oriented) cannot.

since c++ is an object oriented programming language we use object to access each data member & member that class concept is come on

A class is the definition of a user-defined type (just as int and char are definitions of primitive types). An object is an instance of a class.

-define class with necessary data member & member function. -create object of that class. -communication.

You're mixing up your terminology. A class is the definition of a type. An object is an instance of that type.

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