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Difference Between a Dictionary and a Thesaurus

A dictionary gives the meaning of a word. A thesaurus tells you the word in different ways but has the same meaning of the word you want. for example, if you look up sad in a thesaurus, it would probably say: SAD: UPSET, TEARFUL, DREADED, etc. okay

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Q: What is the difference between a dictionary and a thesaurus?
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What is the difference between a dictionary a thesaurus and a encyclopedia?

A dictionary gives the meanings of words. A thesaurus gives synonyms (words that mean the same) of words. An encyclopedia gives information on a certain topic.

What is the difference between thesaurus and synonyms option?

what is the difference between thesaurus and synonym

What is a website for an online dictionary or thesaurus?

A website for an online dictionary or a thesaurus is can find a dictionary and a thesaurus on that website.

Is a thesaurus the same as a dictionary?

No, a thesaurus is not the same as a dictionary. A dictionary gives the definitions of words and a thesaurus gives synonyms of words.

How is a thesaurus different than a dictionary?

A thesaurus has antonyms and synonyms but a dictionary doesn't

Is there a name for a book that is both a dictionary and a thesaurus?

Yes, its called "Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus".

What is the difference of dictionary and theasaures?

A dictionary tell you the meaning and origin of words. A Thesaurus tells you all words of similar meaning.

How is a dictionary different from a thesaurus?

Basically, a dictionary provides definitions and a thesaurus provides synonyms and antonyms.

Describe how a thesaurus differs from a dictionary and state when you should use a thesaurus instead of a dictionary?

A thesaurs differs from a dictionary because of its meaning. you could use thesaurus instead of a dictionary when more information is needed when a dictionary's definition is implacent.

Where would you find another word for nice thesaurus encylopedia telephone book or a dictionary?

In a thesaurus,or a dictionary

Which of these is one way that thesaurus differs from a dictionary?

A thesaurus doesn't give etymologiesA dictionary defines words.

What is a dictionary of synonyms?

A dictionary of synonyms is called a thesaurus.

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