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What is the difference between a diploma and an associate's degree?

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A diploma takes about 1.5 years of full-time study to complete. An associates degree takes about 2 years of full-time study to complete. So you're probably thinking that you should just get the diploma because it takes less time to earn, right? WRONG. An associates degree is much, much more valuable than a diploma. There aren't a lot of career options for people with just a diploma. Get the associates degree and you won't regret it. The higher the degree, the more doors that will be opened to you. Still, you can not judge a diploma solely on that bases. Its a matter of job requirements, and passion for what you want to do. Some diploma programs are very specialized and lead to rewarding careers. In addition, many have ladder programs leading to higher degrees in the same area. As three examples, Practical Nursing, Interpreters for the deaf, and Interpreters of Spoken Languages. There are many more. Check with your home county community college for more detail. Diploma vs. Degree is not always a question of better, its just a matter of being different, and does it satisfy your career goals and objectives. Viper1

2007-06-23 17:25:43
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Q: What is the difference between a diploma and an associate's degree?
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What is the difference between a college diploma and a bachelor's degree?

A college degree could be a 2 year degree or associates. But it wouldn't be a bachelor's. College diploma is a middle level of a bachelor degree

Is associates equivalent to a diploma?

The associates is a degree, not a diploma. Therefore, they are not equivalent with the degree typically a higher level of education.

What is the difference between technical degree and diploma?

Degree vs Diploma Both degree and diploma are awards conferred on to a person on the successful completion of an educational course.

What is the difference between an associates degree and a Bachelors degree?

The difference is an associates degree is a step below a bachelors. A bachelor's degree is a degree that will stand out on its own as being relevant and primary where as an associates degree will only be used as a reference for "just in case" moments.

What is the Difference between diploma and associate's degree?

In my point of view, there is no difference between diploma and associate's degree, since they,both last in two years. thanks Asad Abulle

What is the difference between a diploma in nursing and an associate's degree in nursing?

there is no difference, only diploma students get paid. however, if you do the diploma, there is a chance you will have to do the degree before going any higher in your career.

What jobs are available for Medical Assitants with a associate's degree?

i have heard that you can get a job working in the lab or front office i just want to know is this true and what is the difference between the medical assistant diploma and the associates degree

What is the difference between having a diploma and a degree?

the diplomat refers to

What's the difference in a certificate and an associates degree in accounting?

A degree is time at school and a diploma. A certificate is helpful, but is more like a technical training school.

What is the difference between a diploma and a bachlor's degree in Singapore?

Well in singapore i don't really think there is a big difference between these tow but in the outer world diploma is like a lil' sister of degree. Degree is always prefer ed as compared to diploma i hope i helped :)

Whats the difference between an associated degrree and a four year degree?

An Associates Degree is a 2 year Degree.

What is difference between a diploma and a post grad diploma?

Post graduate diploma only can get after a undergraduate degree, while you can do diploma after your high school.

What is the difference between associate's degree and bachelors?

associates is a 2 year degree, and a bachelors is 4. some associates degrees can be continued on to a 4 year.

What does a diploma in nursing mean?

A diploma nurse has a two year degree or associates of science in nursing (ASN)

When you have an associate's degree and you go ahead to do a bachelor'sdo you get both associate and bachelor's degree at the same time?

Once you complete the associates degree you will receive the diploma and be noted as a graduate. Once you complete the bachelors degree, then you will receive that diploma and noted as graduated. So, you do not have to wait for the associates degree.

How much does pharmacy tech makes with a degree?

is it a big difference between certificate and a diploma and degree earnings

Which is higher associate's degree or bachelor's degree?

Bachelors degree. # Certificate/Diploma # Associates # Bachelors # Masters # PhD

What is the difference between an an associate and a career?

the associates is a college level degree. A career is what you do for a living.

What is difference between post degree diploma and master degree?

A post degree diploma just means a diploma awarded after the completion of the first degree. This could include just about any program taken as a continuing educational pursuit, typically after the first degree.

What is the difference between a post graduate degree and a post graduate diploma?

Post graduate degree is for 2 year and post graduate diploma is for 1 year

Difference between a college degree and a bachelor's degree?

The lowest 4-year college degree is a Bachelor's Degree. Associates Degree is a 2-year program.

Is associate diploma the same as associate's degree?

The associate degree is the degree, the diploma at the associates level is the piece of paper you receive at graduation. That being said, there are diploma programs, which are typically shorter in length and do not meet the course and credit requirements of a degree.

What is the difference between an associates nursing degree and a bachelor's degree in nursinig?

Each are educational levels as follows from lowest to highest particular to nursing. * Diploma program (typically three years) * Associates degree (two years) * Bachelors' degree (BSN) (four years) * Master's degree (two to three years post bachelor's degree) * Doctorate degree (four years post bachelor's degree and the highest level of educational attainment).

Is bachelor's degree higher than associate's degree?

Yes. # Certificate/diploma # Associates # Bachelors # Masters # PhD

What type of degree would you need for medical assisting?

You can get an diploma an certificate, associates degree, bachlors degree or doctorates in it. And still get in the field