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What is the difference between a diploma and an associate's degree in business administration?

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AnswerA diploma is 1-2 years in length. An associates degree is 2 years in length.

Diplomas are not very impressive. Associates degrees are much more valuable than diplomas, and they only require a few more classes than a diploma.

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Whether a diploma is marketable or not will be dependent on the specific field, or program of study. There are some diploma programs such as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) that lead to stable and rewarding careers. Should the individual want to pursue a higher degree, many schools of nursing offer a ladder program that leads to an Associates of Science degree as a Registered Nurse (RN). This is just one example, there are many more. Still, when it comes to diploma programs, make sure you are taking it at an accredited college. Just check with a community college and see what they offer. Some individuals have an urgency to get out into the work force as quickly as possible for a variety of bona fide reasons. The diploma is just one option. I will say this, it is a very competitive market out there, and a diploma in Business Administration is not going to do much in a corporate arena. There are just so many individuals with Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and PhD 's out there. The higher the degree, the more doors that will be open to you. Now, I said the more doors that will be open to you. That does not mean success in securing a permanent position through every door. The rest will be up to you. It will depend on how you interview, your experience, how you hold yourself, your appearance, whether you are a self starter, appropriately aggressive, your passion, and other personal traits. All these you can work to improve. It's a matter of the perception you create, your attitude, and presentation. Remember, once you are hired, you will be responsible for living up to the employers expectations based on the perception you have created.

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What is the Difference between Bachelor of Science in business admin and bachelor of business admin?

what is the difference between bachelor of science in business administration and bachelor of business administration.

Difference between business studies and business administration?

there is no difference. it is a matter of semantic and choice.

What is the difference between public administration and business administration?

=public administration is the administration that deals with people while business administration is the administration that deals with business organisation. =public administration is the administration that deals with people while business administration is the administration that deals with business organisation.

Difference between business administration and business management?

both administration and management are same . both are having same meaning as to administrate a business in other words manage the business .to my knowledge their is no difference between each other.

What is the difference between finance and business administration?

There is only one difference in finance and business administration. Business Administration is the main head while finance comes under the main head of business administration. Apart from finance, there are many other main heads/components of business administration like marketing, management, economics and accounting.

Comparison betwween public administration and business administration?

The difference between public and business administration lies in the goals of administration. Public administration focuses on policies and running of government departments and programs. Business administration focuses on organization and business management to maintain stability and growth.

What is the difference between public admin and business admin?

Public administration must consider the public. People who are concerned with business administration are concerned with business needs before others.

Public administration can offer an excellent framework to serve the organization and common man but why is public administration unable to deliver?

What is difference between public administration and business administration

What is difference between amity global and amity international business school which is Best for doing Bachelor of Business Administration?

The difference between Amity Global and Amity International Business school is that the latter is countrywide while the former is worldwide. Amity Global is the best for doing Bachelor of Business Administration.

What is the difference between BSBA and BBA?

i think there's no difference in BSBA or BBA both are the same but acronyms are different as BSBA means = Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and BBA mean = Bachelor of Business Administration

What is the difference between associates in arts and associates in science?

the difference is one is art the other is science

What is the difference between business management and public administration?

Business Management typically refers to running private, for profit companies. Public Administration means running government agencies.

What is the Relationship between people involved in a business called?

Business partners Business associates

What is the difference between Public admimistration from business administration and public management?

The difference between public administration and business administration is that the study of the latter focuses on for-profit, private sector management while the former is the study of non-profit and government management. The term "public management" might be viewed as analogous to "public administration".public administraion means to administor the government organizations and private administration means to administor the private sector organization inother words it also called business administration.

The difference between business administration and business management?

business administration in a body made up of 1% of management that is responsible for implementing policy and decision made by the top management while business management is the body responsible for planning,coordinating,organizing and motivating.

What's the starting salary for the business administration?

Working in business administration can bring in a varied salary between $43,000 a year to roughly $72,000 a year. This difference in salaries depends on a number of factors from whether he has a degree to what type of business he is employed with.

What are the different between public and private administration?

Difference between public and private administration

What is difference between school organisationschool managementand school administration?

what is difference between school organisation,school management and school administration

Difference between the Aquino administration and arroyo administration?

The people ruling in it.

What is the relationship between accounting and business administration?

Under Business Administration comes (accounting, management,marketing..etc.)

Compare between business and public adminstration?

There are included a key difference between business and public administration. Such as: -The business administration is a business activity. On the other hand, Public Administration is a political process.The well-planned and systematic management of the actions of the state to accomplish the purposes established by the government which is the Public Administration. The term business administration is the management, organization, and operation of the actions of the business enterprise.The business administration is used the monopolistic decision-making. but in public administration is pluralistic.When it comes to accountability, public officials are accountable to the general public. Unlike, business administration where the employees are accountable to the owners.The revenue is produced from penalties, fees, taxes, duties, and other dues which are paid by the peoples in public administration. As opposed to business administration, where profits from operating happenings are the main source of revenue.Business administration works in the structure other than the governmental setup, whereas Public administration works place in governmental setup.Public administration is welfare oriented; it works with service motive. Conversely, the business administration is profit oriented.The business administration has an egalitarian approach. While Public administration follows a bureaucratic approach.Source:

What is difference between administration and logistic?

administration and logistics are the same as a point of me. walid

What is the difference between business management and administration?

According to Marylhurst Uneversity When looking at a bachelor's degree in Business Administration vs. Business Management, many students wonder, what's the difference between the two? Don't be confused by degree names, as both labels stand for the same core education in business management. The program name might vary from institution to institution, but the underlying education results in the same skill sets.

What is the difference between micro business and small business?

difference micro business

What is the difference between leadership and administration?

Although similar, there are connotative differences between leadership and administration. Leadership is the "positive" version of the term administration.