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The hammer function makes the tool make hits (like a hammer) without rotating. The impact drill means it will make hits and rotate at the same time. Usually you would use a masonry drill bit withe the impact drill function and a chisel for the hammer function.

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What is a hammer for?

A hammer is for exerting impact force in a defined area,such as a nailhead.

Why did the larger hammer work out when the small hammer did not?

You needed more impact force.

A hammer hits a nail the action to be the impact of the hammer on the nail what is the reaction?

homographs "Apex"

Explain how push and pull are both a part of using a hammer?

You PULL or draw the hammer back to start the swing of the hammer on the initial swing, and pull it away from the impact point to start your next swing You PUSH the hammer forward to start the hammer toward the impact point

The difference between impulse and impact force involves the?

velocity and acceleration

What is the difference between impact drill and hammer drill?

Nothing. Both work on the principle of 'hammering' a hole through a material (usually masonry such as brick or concrete) through the action of a drilling action to remove debris and the hammering which breaks down what the drill twist cannot purchase itself. The 'impact'referred to is caused by a cam within the drill that aggressively vibrates the chuck and bit to 'hammer' the material. Twist bits 'carve' out material whereas hammer or impact drills pulverise.

What is difference between impact and effects?

There isn't really a whole lot of difference between them.The "impact" is the overall net result for a person, group, or industry,which could be the sum of the individual "effects," or a secondary result of them.

What is tonal contrast?

It is the difference between light and dark areas. A greater difference creates a greater impact.

What is difference between impact load and sudden load?

sudden load differ from impact load by the velocity of loading

How does the difference between needs and wants impact on communities and the environment?

how the needs and wants of different communities impact on the environment

What is the difference between meteorite impact and asteroid impact?

meteroite impact is the impact of a small asteroid, whereas an asteroid is much bigger and therefore causes more damage and destruction

What is the difference between a personal right and a political right?

The political intent and impact

What is an example of impact force?

Hitting a nail with a hammer.

Why does the downward motion and sudden stop of the hammer tighten the hammer head?

It has to do with impulsive force. F = (mv-mu)/t when you reduce the time of impact, you get a larger force. That is why the sudden stop of the hammer is to reduce time of impact, and increase force applied.

What is the difference between impact strength and toughness?

impact strength is sudden load bearing capacity & toughness is steady load bearing capacity.

Difference between impact printers and non impact printers?

impact printers uses pin to print images while non impact printers uses drum or ink sprayed unto the paper

What is the use of the handle of the hammer?

for making maximum load on hammer head & produce maximum impact also for safety & comfortability...

What is the difference between mitigation and remediation?

Reduce the impact of risk is MitigationRemoval of risk is Remediation

What is the Difference between Impact Factor and Index Copernicus Value?

HE DIED yesterday have some respect

What is the name of the screwdriver that you hit with a hammer and it spins to get screws out.?

Impact Screwdriver

What two factors have the greatest impact on how well an enzyme function?

pH and temperature both impact the enzyme's function.

Difference between izod and charpy test?

The test notches for the impact specimens for the tests have different dimensions.

Is there any environmental impact difference between front load dryers and the top loading kind?

No, this will not make an environmental difference. What you'll really want to look at is how efficient the dryers are. The more efficient they are, the smaller impact they will have on the environment.

What is the difference between environmental impact assessment and environmental evaluation report?

Some feel that it may be splitting hairs to find a difference between these terms. An Impact Assessment (EIA) addresses the possible environmental consequences of a proposed action while an Evaluation Report (EER) addresses the possible impact of a continuing action or a changing practice. One can contain the other.

What is the function of a copper hammer?

This is a heavy headed hammer used where a impact force is needed but care must be taken not to damage surfaces. The copper is much softer and heavier than steel and achieves this, Similar hammers are brass, or thermoplastic formed over a heavy metal base, known as 'deadblow ' hammers,

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