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What is the difference between a electric bass and a electric guitar?


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6 string guitar = treble

electric bass= bass

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First of all, a "bass-guitar" is not a "bass-guitar" it's a electric bass. To tell the difference between a electric bass and a guitar is the electric bass has a lower sound to fit into the beat and the guitar has a higher pitch sound, even a acoustic guitar.

There are several differences between electric bass and an acoustic guitar. A bass guitar has only four strings, which are thicker, while an acoustic guitar has thinner strings and has six of them.

An electric base guitar is usually tuned an octave lower than an electric lead guitar.

In a sense, both are electric. A typical 'Electric Guitar' is for notes in the treble clef, and is generally capable of playing any melody. A Bass guitar is for notes in the bass clef, as the name suggests. It generally plays the lower parts underneath the melody.

A bass looks like a massive violin or cello. It stands to about mid-chest level. A double bass is much larger and stands usually to about your head. A bass guitar is more like an electric guitar in size.

bass guitar can play much lower notes and is used for backing up the other melodic instruments and electric guitar is more for the leading parts of the song and it can have a wide variety of pedals (different sounds) added to it.

Bass strings are MUCH MUCH thicker. They use more metal to make and are also harder to make.

The electric bass. Probably the electric bass ^ Pfft. I wish. But the acoustic guitar is a LOT more popular than the electric bass. Many people have no idea what a bass guitar is!

A bass-guitar and an electric bass guitar is the same thing, unless you want to get technical and call it an acoustic bass guitar and an electric, whereas your answer would be electric (for a rock/alt./punk/metal band) ---------------------------------------------------------------------

you can't because the neck of the bass guitar is to long for an electric guitar case.

Yes. The first electric guitar was on the market in 1932, the first electric bass guitar was on the market in 1935.

A bass guitar is really low sounding and the highest string on a bass guitar is the lowest on an electric guitar.

No. The bass has 4 strings and the electric guitar has 6 strings.

The bass is considered a guitar... That's why they call it "bass guitar"

The cello is more like the electric bass because the electric bass guitar is an electric version of the double bass which is the cello's big brother.

on a five string bass guitar there are five strings, and on a six string bass guitar there are six strings

No. Because of the thickness of the strings, an ordinary 6-String electric guitar could not produce a sound that low compared to a regular bass guitar. For example the size of the strings for a 6-String electric guitar varies between 0,008 and 0,046 - thinner than the bass guitar's strings 0,050 and 0,110.

in a live cocert electric guiter is connected with electricity and it produces much sound than bass..........

yes the hofner bass guitar is an electric bass guitar and by the way for your future reference look at the body of the bass or guitar to tell if its electric or not (look for pick-ups) and i would know because i own a 1966 hofner 500/1 violin style bass guitar

No--because the sound vibrations are longer on a bass than on a guitar, playing an electric bass on a guitar amp will blow the amp. You can play a guitar through a bass amp, though.

A Fender Jazz guitar is an electric bass guitar created by Leo Fender. It is also known as the Jazz Bass or J Bass and was the second model of electric bass guitar that Fender created.

A rythym guitar is an electric or accoustic guitar playing chords to keep rythym and the bass guitar is used to anchor down the harmonics and lay down the beat, basically smooth things out and either playing basic rythyms or beautiful harmonics.

A bass guitar has a longer neck and only four strings while an electric guitar has six strings. For both I would say buy an amp and most likely lessons as well, but if this is a little out of the budget, the amps is not needed and while lessons would help, a simple guitar/bass method book should suffice. An electric guitar is louder and a ''lead'' guitar. A bass,is lower pitch/sound to keep the song balenced. NOTE:if you wear headphones while listing to a song,you'll here the bass.

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