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Half-baths contain a toilet and a sink, but no bathtub or shower stall. The National Association of Home Buyers estimates that adding a half bath will add 10.5% to the value of a home and adding a full bath will add 20%. Depending on the value of your home, adding either may be more costly than what you will recoup when selling your home.

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Remodeling my kitchen, what are some money saving tips that will increase the resale value?

I would like to remodel the kitchen in my flip house. What are some cheap tips that will save money but increase the resale value?

Do Hondas have good resale value?

A Honda's resale value depends on the type of Honda you are interested in. A 2001 Honda Prelude has a higher resale value than the 2002 Honda Passport.

Which would bring more resale value on house hardwood floors or laminate floors?

Hardwood floors.

Do used Hyundai coupes have a good resale value?

"Hyudai coupes do have a great resale value. The resale value also depends on the miles traveled with the car, if the car has been an any accidents, or the treatment of the vehicle."

What is the resale value of 2007 Yamaha rhino 660 sport?

What is the resale value of a 2007 Yamaha Rhino 660 sport

Does flatware have resale value?

Good quality flatwear will have resale value if it is made out of quality metal, and if the set is kept complete.

How good of a resale value do used Jeep Wranglers have?

The average value is $16844. They've been awarded the award for highest resale value in 2009!

What Toyota models offer the best resale value as used cars?

Toyotas generally have an excellent resale value, but recently they have gone down due to a lot of safety recalls earlier in 2010. You can check Kelly Blue Book to find the estimated resale value. The Toyota Tundra crew cab pickup truck has excellent resale value, at nearly 70% of full retail value. Also the Toyota Prius has excellent resale value.

What the difference between actual value and earned value?

The difference between the Actual Value & Earned Value is the Project Cost Variance

What is the difference between the place value and face value of 9 in 309812?

the DIFFERENCE between the place value and the face value is 991

Do DVD/VCR combos have enough "life" to have reasonable resale value?

They will not have good resale value because they are very abundant on the market.

How do I determine the resale value of mu Mercedes E320?

Kelly Blue Book is a great tool for finding the value of cars in any condition, and mileage. The resale value of your car depends on mileage and body condition and other variables it seems to be between $700-$9500.

Is a resale shop the same as a pawn shop?

There is a difference between resale shops and pawn shops even though they are alot of times both in the stores title. At a resale shop you are selling your belongings to the shop, very cheap, so they can resale it. At a pawn shop you can bring in an item of value and the pawn shop will pay you for it and hold it until a certain time and you can get it back if you pay back the amount plus interest. If you do not get it back within the amount of time granted, the store can sell it.

Does the equity in a house add up from yourself and the previous owner and can you get it after you sell the house?

Your equity in your house is the difference between what the house is worth, the fair market value, and how much you owe on it.

Where could one find the resale value of a 2000 Honda Civic?

You can find the resale value of a 2000 Honda Civic on websites like MotorTrend, KBB, and also AutoMobileMag. You could also get the resale value at local car dealerships.

What SUV models have the best resale value as used cars?

The best resale value for an SUV belongs to the Land Rover Range Rover.

What is the differenc between memory and memory address?

An analogy would be the difference between the house (memory) and the house's address (memory). The value in the memory, or at the memory address, would be what you find in the house.

What is the difference between ethical value and value?


Do wine coolers help the resale value of a home?

Yes, but apparently there are better improvements (e.g. bathroom remodeling) if all you're looking for is resale value.

Will hardwood laminate floor increase the value of your house?

Any kind of upgrade that you do to your house will most likely increase the house's resale value. Hardwood laminate floors are a commodity that a lot of people would pay good money to have.

Does a used honda integra hold its resale value?

Like most Japanese made cars and trucks a used honda integra has just as much resale value as the comparable nissan or mitsubishi makes. It has been listed as one of the better used cars for its resale value.

How can I find out the resale value on a hybrid car?

Hybrid cars do have a good resale value. The value can be most accurately checked at the Kellybluebook website. It provides the latest data on pricing of various models.

How do you find the resale value of a commercial vehicle?

deduct 40 % of its original value

Why American cars don't have good resale value?

There are many reasons why certain American cars don't have good resale value. These cars could be in poor condition.

What is the tax treatment of bartering exchange?

Technicaly if you exchange something with X resale value for something with X + 1 resale value. Then you are required to pay tax on the 1.