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What is the difference between a function and a method?


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In an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language like Java, it is called a method. In a procedural language (like QBASIC or PHP) it is called a function. They are the same thing. Most people use them interchangeably. -DJ Craig A function returns a value and method does not return a value. A function that doesn't return a value is called (procedure / subroutine)

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Fuction and method are same . In java we call function as a method...thres no diff between them...

method= how something is done function= what something does

A function how a system functions or operates for given inputs to the system. A method is a process of producing a specific result.

A method is a function, but it's the name given to a function in an object. int Bar(void) {;} is a function int Foo::Bar(void) {;} is a method of the class Foo

functions have independent existence means they are defined outside of the class e.g. in c main() is a function while methods do not have independent existence they are always defined inside class e.g. main() in Java is called method. ######## I've been studying OOP lately and had this question myself, so I will share my thoughts; I was taught that "A Function should do 1(one) thing and do it well." In specific Regards to PHP; The difference between a Method and a Function is that a Method is tied to a specific class. Hope this helps. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- function can return value where as method can't that is the main difference between function and method --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actually you are describing the difference between a function and a procedure. Function returns a value, procedure does not unless you are using c#, then everything is a function. In c# a function, to paraphrase the first answer, does and thing and does it well. A method contains functions. The most important method is the Main method. All functionality of a program must be referenced in the Main method because when you run a program, it starts at the beginning of the Main method, and stops wehn it hits end of the Main method.


A function is a piece of code that can be reused by calling its name while a method is a function that is associated with a class. In Java, functions are usually referred to as static methods.

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A function is a method that returns a value other than void. Methods includes functions, subroutines, constructors, destructors, and properties.

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