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a goonch catfish has teeth and a piraiba catfish doesn't but it has a surated mouth.

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A list of dangerous fish includes Goliath Tigerfish , Piraiba Catfish, Goonch Fish, Great Barracuda, Wels Catfish, Giant Freshwater Stingray, Muskellunge, Alligator Gar, Electric Eel, Bullshark, Lionfish, Sea Snake, Stonefish, Blue-Ringed Octopus, and Chrionex ( Box JellyFish.)

The Goonch is an enormous catfish in African/Indian waters,it's gestation period is unknown so far,to learn more,search "Goonch" or "Giant Devil Catfish" to learn more

No. despite popular belief not all catfish are bottom feeders. some examples are the wels, red-tail, and the goonch which was accused of actually eating people

NO, not all species are carnivorous. species such as the mekong giant and all of the suckers (the ones you put in fish tanks to clean the tanks) are herbivorous, but some are carnivores like the goonch and the red-tail

Tigers, leopards, sloth bears, rhinos, elephants, gaur, water buffalo, cobras, vipers, pythons, crocodiles, bull sharks, goonch catfish, wolves, hyenas, scorpions and wild boar are just some of the deadly animals you can find in India.

There have been many cases of animals eating humans. For example, some shark attacks have resulted in the victim being eaten. Additionally, there have been more documented examples such as the Kali River goonch attacks, Azaria Chamberlain (aka "Dingo ate my baby"), and some wolf attacks.

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the piraiba catfishes diet consists of fish smaller than it and bassicly anything it can get

figure it out for yourself idiot

The channel cat is a species of catfish, correctly called channel catfish.

There isn't a difference. Bullhead Catfish are just like regular catfish. I don't know why scientists separated them, because anatomically they are the same

A carp has a barbell while catfish have whiskers and a pointed V tail.

Male channel catfish have bigger heads then female.

A person can find pictures that show the difference between the genders of catfish in a book about catfish. It can also be found in a book about aquatic animals.

a catfish has whiskers and a carp doesn't.

Fishmonger told me that they were one and the same but I have my doubts.

catfish is just a general name for all catfish, and there are many species of catfish including the channel catfish, the blue catfish, and the bullhead.

You can find it easily by checking the fins of and tails of catfish. Female catfish have large tale and fins so you can check it by comparing two. The second thing is that you should check is to find out fins of catfish in female catfish there is a mark on her fin which distinguish her as female.

There are many different species of fish that are called "Catfish" Some have easy to see sexual differences and others show no difference between the sexes at all.

Yes, There are Great whites, Wel's and Piraiba catfish and maybe gulper eels. There are many kinds of prehistoric fish like Xiphactinus and Dunkleosteus that can swallow a human whole if it were around today.

Dear saltwater fish friends It's because of the whiskers -Coleman.G. Poole

plain fish are differant than cat fish because they are two differnt fish

A clownfish has alot of color and a catfish doesn't. A catfish has a stinger that comes out of its back and a clownfish doesn't.

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