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What is the difference between a graphics card and a graphics adapter?

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Nothing... A graphic card is a graphic adapter. A card usually specifies an adapter that is removable in a card slot, when the adapter can also be on the mother board. A graphics card is a graphic adapter, but not all graphics adapters are cards

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What is the difference between a LAN Card and a Network Adapter Card?

There is no difference.

What is the difference between integrated graphics and a graphics card?

A graphics card plugs into your computer, integrated means the graphics chip is ready installed on the motherboard.

What is the difference between a graphics card and a sound card?

Graphics cards output video. Sound cards output sound.

Which device contains its own bios?

video adapter or graphics card. As most of the graphics card have its own bios available

What is the difference between a video card and a grpahics card?

Video and graphics cards are exactly the same thing. Merely a difference in terminology!

How can you tell what graphics card you have?

Assuming Windows. Start->Run Type "msinfo32" In components -> Display -> Adapter type, will list your graphics card.

What is the difference between a 512MB Graphics card and 1GB?

Obviously, more physical memory on the graphics card for handling the loading of textures and display objects for your games. If you're asking the difference in performance, it is dependent on the graphics chipset you are referring to.

What type of adapter card is normally plugged into a PCIe x16 adapter card slot?

Only graphics cards are inserted into a PCIe x16 expansion slot.

What is the difference between a GPU and a graphics card?

The GPU (graphics processing unit) is the graphics card equivalent of the CPU (central processing unit) and usually refers to the computer chip that is on the graphics card, which has some extra stuff on it (like a plug to plug it into your computer).

How do you tell the difference between a Graphic card and a Video card?

There's no difference, it is one in the same. The term Graphics Card just became more popular in the end I guess.

What is a display adapter?

A video display (aiso called a video card,display card ,graphic card,graphic board, display adapter or graphics adapter) is an expansion card which generates a feed of output images to a display.Most vidio cards after various function such as accelerater rendering of 3d scenes and 2d graphics ,mpeg.2/mpeg-4 decoding,tv output.

What are the different between AGP and PCI E graphic card?

AGP is very old and crappy. PCI e is the newest graphics adapter interface.

How is a video card related to a graphic card?

A video card is just another name for a graphics card. They are one and the same.

What is the function of a graphics adapter?

The function of a Graphics adapter, or Graphics card, is to boost the amount of data that can flow through a cpu or hard drive. Think of a bucket filled with water, with a hole in the bottom. The larger the hole the more water can flow through, correct? So that is what a graphics card does, to boost the speed of a recieving amount of data, maybe sent by R.A.M

Difference between a quadro graphics card and a geforce graphics card?

Quaddro is for productivity and Geforce is for gaming. Quaddro: adobe apps, maya, GPU computing. Geforce: Gaming, everyday use

Is a graphics card the same as a video card?

A graphics card, video card, v card, video board, video display board, display adapter, video adapter, or graphics adapter is a computer component designed to convert the logical representation of visual information into a signal that can be used as input for a display medium. Displays are most often a monitor, but use of LCD TV, HDTVs, and projectors is growing increasingly common with the growth of the media center computer concept. The graphics card and display medium are able to communicate utilizing a variety of display standards. Graphics card are both integrated into motherboards, and sold as expansion cards........ wow this guy just copied this from a dictionary

What is difference between a Graphic card and Video card?

They are very similar except video cards play faster and they play videos and flash content. Graphics cards give advanced graphics only.

Does installing a graphics card improve graphics?

For regular applications you won't notice a difference but in games, definitely.

What is the difference between a smart card and a payroll card?

what is the difference between a credit card, debit card and smart card

HELPPPP I bought a PCI express x8 ATI radeon 256mb graphics card and my computer only has traditional PCI slots Is there an adapter or way to connect Is there such a thing as a PCI adapter?


What is the difference between an AGP graphics card and a PCI-Express graphics card?

An AGP graphics card utilizes an outdated and relatively slow slot on the motherboard. PCI-Express is the much more modern slow on almost all new PCs nowadays and is considered much faster. New graphics cards mostly all of have PCI-Express x16 slot cards.

How do you get two monitors on one computer?

If your graphics card has the capability, you connect two monitors to a splitter adapter and adjust settings for your desktop.

What is the difference between will agp 8x ddr1 card and agp 8x ddr2 card?

The type of memory used by the graphics card. DDR1 is slower, DDR2 is faster. They both plug into the same slot in your computer.

Your new graphics card doesn't fit your monitor plug?

You can purchase adapters that will change the plugs, ie DVI - Dsub. Simply insert the adapter onto your graphics card, and then plug the monitor lead into it. Hope this helps be safe Cadishead Computers

Can you have three or more displays on one graphics card?

The out-of-the-box answer is No. Unfortunately, all those graphic cards that advertise they can have more then two monitors kinda lie. Unless you use whats called an Active Passive Display Adapter and your graphics card has DisplayPorts, you cannot have more then two monitors per graphics card. Even if you plug it in, it just won't work no matter what and you will only have two at a time displaying anything except a black screen. Once you plug in the adapter, you will be able to have an additional screen on the graphics card however this screen will remain black during BIOS and loading.