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What is the difference between a gunite and liner pool?


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Dear Theresa, there are a lot of advantages for those who appreciate innovation and comfort. This kind of pools are a new technology mostly in steel and concrete structure with vinyl liner in different qualities. The liner has better behaviour with high temperature changes,the pool structure is auto-portable this means that a soil movement won't afect it, it's faster set up, the liner is easier to clean, the liner is easier and cheaper to repair and also replaceable (new pool! new design!), liner is more comfortable for the step, and you won't think in fixing ceramic tiles or painting the pool every year,... The selection of your pool should also take in consideration the right equipment for the volume of your pool (heart of the pool). Good luck! Xavier

Gunites are nice because of the "free-form" designs that can be generated. They are solid vessel structures made of a reinforced steel cage sprayed with high pressure gunite, then coated with plaster, or tile, or combination of both. They're great in hot wether areas such as Arizona, Texas and California.

However, as mentioned in the previous answer, todays vinyl liner pools are more agile when exposed to extreme weather fluctuations. Vinyl liner pools have developed a bad rap over the years due to poor materials, or craftmanship, of many kits in the early years (70's and early 80's). But, technology has made its mark on today's vinyl pool kits. You can get walls made of high-grade galvanized steel or thick, honey-combed polymer walls that are strong enough to handle the pressure of a Hummer rolling over them. Todays floors are usually made of vermiculite (an oatmeal-like aggregate) mixed with portland cement. Suggestion: opt for dual-track aluminum coping. The lower track for the liner to snap into, and the upper track made for optional fiber-optic lighting. Even if you don't want the lighting right away, you'll have the receiver for it pre-installed incase you want it in the future.

The above answer has some incorrect information in it. The Polymer, honey-combed, pool walls are NOT strong enough to withstand a Hummer driving over it. Polymer (structural foam) panels are about as strong as anything else made out of plastic.. that's what they are... plastic. If the above information is true, I'd love to see a video of it.


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You can use the same hole in the ground for both a vinyl liner pool and a gunite pool. You should not need a new hole dug.

It is best if you do so that the water can circulate and so that the granular chlorine does not sit on a liner pool cause it will discolor the liner. With a gunite pool it can cause bleaching spots. It is not necessary though.

Yes you can but you would be replacing the liner every 3-4 years when you can build a gunite pool using the old pool as a base and get another 30-40 years of enjoyment out of it.

As long as the vinyl liner pool is inground, it can be converted. But you'll probably have to remove all of the vinyl pool elements until you have reduced the pool to a big hole in the ground and then start from there. All it takes is time and money!

Its a oval shape pool, 19,3'X43' size, 4' deep at one end, after 12' slopes down to 10' deep.

Gunite, cement does not rust.

The cost to resurface a gunite pool depends on your location, the size of your pool, and exactly what you want done. On average, as of 2014 it cost between $8,000 and $15,000 to resurface a pool.

How often should you resurface a gunite pool?

Pebble sheen is the finish on the surface of a pool gunite is the cement that a pool is constructed from in other words you can finish a gunite pool with pebble sheen.

Yes but its not recommended. You would have to replace the liner very soon. I have a customer who spent almost 60 grand on a pool were the liner was placed over concrete and now 4 years later she is spending almost 6 grand to replace the liner and redo the pool with vermiculite. Best bet is to refinish the pool with either gunite or vermiculite pool crete and then put in the liner. A liner can last ten to fifteen years before having to be replaced and then when it is replaced, it looks like a brand new pool.

Either gunite or fiberglass will work well for an indoor pool.

how do i find and repair leak in gunite pool with water in it?

Both are fine. Due to the short season a vinyl liner pool will hold up for many years. The problem with a viyl liner pool is you have to stick to certain set sizes and designs. Small leaks can be patched, or eventually replaced with a new liner. A concrete or gunite pool will last for 25 - 30+ years. They can be constructed in custom designs.

building pool myself just want to contract out the gunite job are you interested

Gunite Swimming Pools are the best type of swimming pool out there, provided that the pool is correctly built they can be installed anywhere in the world without any damage being done to them. As far as servicing of the pool standard service applies e.i. brushing vacuuming chemically treating. And if the necessary care is taken a gunite can last you 20 + years. Vinyl Liner pools also have there place in the swimming pool market place, they are typically cheaper and quicker to install but on the down side there isn't much customization you can do to them. And to replace a liner can run you anywhere between 3 to 5 thousand dollars. That brings us to fiberglass AKA Bathtub in the ground ( that's all i can say about that.

gunite comes from a dry sand cement mix that has water added as it is sprayed to form the pool walls and floor.Shotcrete is concrete that is sand cement and gravel is delivered ready mixed and is sprayed to form the pool walls and floor.Shotcrete is stronger then Gunite however they both do the job just fine if done by an experienced professional

The average cost of a gunite pool is $75,000. The price for the installation of this type of pool can range from $50,000 to $100,000.

Gunite is a trowled-on cement coating similar to stucco.

You would go to a pool builder

Gunite is a type of cement mix used in the walls of the pool, whereas a vinyl lining is just a layer on the walls, generally used for waterproofing purposes. So, either of them will do, but my personal opinion is that using a lining is always better (hence vinyl lined pools are very common in England and other countries)

It would depend on what kind of an in-ground pool you refer to, i.e. gunite, concrete, block, vinyl liner, wood, or fiberglass.

Only consider this if you are sure to own this property for another 5 years.You are looking at considerable expense with little to no apprciation of your property.A pool is a pool according to John Q Public. I perfer my vinyl pool,I can change the looks of my pool when I change my liner every 6 years.Get many quotes and be careful! Ted H.

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