What is the difference between a helicopter rotor and propeller?

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Propeller A typical aircraft propellor cuts through the air much like a screw and provides thrust to the aircraft. Many of the modern airplanes have propellors which are variable pitch and they change pitch so that it can increase the blade angle to grab more air or decrease the angle to grab less. When the pitch is changed by the pilot, both (or all 3 or 4) blades change pitch at the same time and the same angle. Helicopter Main Rotor The main rotor blades of a helicopter provides lift and thrust for forward motion. To do this, the rotor controls input a pitch control to the Blade that is moving to the Aft and decreases pitch to the blade moving forward or vice versa. Therefore, unlike the typical airplane propellor, the helicopter blades do not have the same pitch ange. One result of this is that the loads on the blade attachments (or grips) and the Mast have higher bending loads and torque loads and the loads are not symmetrical as it would be with regular propellor blades.
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What is the difference between a highway patrol helicopter and a police helicopter?

Difference in Helicopters A highway patrol is a statewide department while a police department is generally a local or city police department. Police helicopters are generally going to patrol within there city limits (although many provide mutual aid to neighboring cities who do not have a helicopt ( Full Answer )

What are The differences between a turbofan and a propeller?

Answer . A propeller is completely external and is the main source of propulsion for a airplane with a piston or turbojet engine. A turbofan is more enclosed and provides some propulsion along with also cooling the jet engine that is the main source of propulsion.

What shape are rotor blades for a helicopter and why?

ANSWER: . They are eliptical in shape with the leading edge having an airfoil shape, meaning curved across the top to create lift. The rear side of the blade is longer and narrower allowing the air to pass over it easier. It looks like a cross section of a airplane's wing for the full length of t ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between the flight of a plane and a helicopter?

Both use the pressure difference caused by air moving over the wings at different speeds to generate lift; a plane by moving those wings in the direction of travel, a helicopter by spinning the "wings" around at high speed. This requies that the plane be in constant forward motion in order for the ( Full Answer )

When was the single rotor helicopter invented?

Answer . 1957 by Boelkow called the Bo-102. It had a single bladed main rotor and a single bladed tail rotor. For more go to http://www.aviastar.org/helicopters_eng/bo-102.php. Answer . in 1957 by Boelkow called the Bo-102 it had a single main and tail rotor. For more go here http://www.avias ( Full Answer )

Why does a helicopter have two propellers?

The main rotor produces lift by re-directing the flow of air downward. Due to the torque created from spinning the main rotor, with just the main rotor the helicopter's fuselage (body) would rotate the opposite way until it reached a speed which was equal and opposite the torque/resistance. The ta ( Full Answer )

What is the Difference between solid propelled missile and liquid propelled missile?

Solid fueled missiles are just that. They are propelled by a solid fuel. For an everyday example of that, pick up an Estes rocket kit from Michael's craft store and look at it's propellant.. Liquid propelled missiles us a liquid propellant, like your car. Liquid propellants also require a second ox ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a propeller plane and a jet plane?

A Jet plane has no propellers. (Actually, there are 'prop-jets' on which propellers are powered by jet engines.) There is basically no difference in the airplane. The engines are different and sometimes the design of the wings or fuselage is different to allow for the different type engines. For ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between impeller and propeller vanes?

An impeller is a rotor inside a pump through which the liquid flows to create a pressure gradient. A propeller is used to propel a vessel. In pump impeller liquid moves i.e. pump is stationary. In a vessel propeller the vessel moves through a liquid or gas! @ please iwant to know the physical mean ( Full Answer )

Difference between compressor and pump rotor?

The only one difference in b/w compressor and pump rotor is impeller shroud width.Fluid is incompressible so impeller shroud width is not change and gas is compressible so impellers are tends to thin in width to the discharge side.

Why do helicopters need tail rotors?

When helicopters main rotors are turning, it is the natural reaction of the fuselage of the helicopter to spin the other way, this is known as torque, a tail rotor spinning counteracts this force by pushing the other way, The rotor pedals change the pitch of the blades on the tail rotor, if the pilo ( Full Answer )

What powers a helicopters rotor?

An engine usually more than one which is connected to a main driveshaft then that is connected to a C-box or Combining gear box which connects to a transmission which turns the rotors.

Another name for helicopter propelers?

Main rotor and tail rotor.. The main rotor is on top of the helicopter consisting of two or more blades, and the tail rotor is at the back of the helicopter, which also consists of two or more blades.

What is the difference between a helicopter and an airplane?

Helicopters are "rotary wing" aircraft- their wings are the rotor blades. Instead of deriving lift from moving air over the fixed wings of an airplane, a helicopter derives lift by moving the wings through the air.

How many rotors does a helicopter need?

If you mean rotor blades, theoretically, only one (provided it is counterbalanced and moves fast enough). But you'll typically see two or more. Helicopters use more than one because it requires less rotor speed to get the same lift, and it also runs a lower risk of failure in the mechanical systems. ( Full Answer )

Why does the rotors spin on an helicopter?

The rotor blades on a helicopter work the same way as wings on a fixed wing aircraft. The air passing faster over the top of the airfoil generates lift. Helicopter rotors spin so that the lift is generated without having to have forward airspeed like a fixed wing aircraft.

What is the difference between a helicopter and an autogyro?

A helicopter gets its lift from the powerplant turning the main rotor. An autogyro's main rotor is unpowered and simply windmills when the aircraft is propelled forward by the propeller. Since this is the case it is not possible for an autogyro to hover for more than a few seconds. Autogyros can tak ( Full Answer )

Which way does the propeller turn on a helicopter?

On most helicopters, the main rotor turns in a clockwise motion. If you were sitting in the cockpit looking out the front, the rotor blades would swing from the left side 'round the front to the right side. French made helicopters are the exception, they rotate the opposite direction, which can c ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a jet plane and a propeller?

A jet plane uses a jet engine's thrust for propulsion. A propeller is a set of blades somewhat like a big fan that blows air to the back of the plane for thrust instead of using a jet engine for the thrust to move the plane forward.

What is the difference between an assault gun and a self propelled gun?

Both are tracked vehicles. An assault gun is usually a turret less vehicle, mounting a (usually) high velocity gun used in a direct fire mode, used for attacking an enemy position. A self propelled gun is usually an artillery piece (indirect fire), and is tracked to allow self propulsion.

What is the difference between solid and liquid rocket propellant?

The Shuttle uses both. The outer rockets on the main body are aluminum oxide. Once lit you are on. In the big container sits a lot of separated liquid Oxygen and liquid Hydrogen. When mixed at the output nozzles, a steerable, controllable jet of very hot water is let go. The difference being solid r ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between stator and rotor?

Stator is part of rotating mechanical device thats sorrounds the rotor to rotate it through the induced magnetic field while the Rotor, is the one who is rotated by produced magnetic field in the stator,.

What is the difference between tank and self propelled artillery?

A tank can fire on the move a spg must stop and fire. There are more ways to define this but this is the simplest way to understand it ___ I'ts a good way to answer, but the SPG don't need really to stop to fire, but stand and fire is mostly common because the gun recoil can easily injure or ( Full Answer )

When was the helicopter rotor invented and by who?

That's a very difficult question as rotors were developed by many people from as far back as the 1800's. - Possibly the first successful rotor as we know it today was developed by Juan de la Cierva in 1923. His rotor was widely used in 'gyroplanes' which were aircraft with minimal wings, and in ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between the thrust from a propeller and the thrust from a jet engine?

A propeller is in the shape of a wing and so produces thrust similar to how a wing works. The layout of the propellers are in a way so that this force is directed forward. A jet however works buy forcing air backwards at large forces. Jet engines use Newtons third law of motion (every action has an ( Full Answer )

Do helicopters have lights on their propellers?

sometimes, but they need to be on both sides or else the helicopter will lose its balance and crash! it is not beneficial if you put the lights on the propellers because they will move so fast you can't see them...

What is the difference between a helicopter and a gyrocopter?

A helicopter's rotors are all powered, and a helicopter is capable of hovering. A gyrocopter is pushed forward by a powered propeller. However, the main rotor atop isn't powered by the motor - it's the wind which makes it spin, and that acts as the gyrocopter's wings.

What are the two small propellers on a helicopter?

Propellors are on airplanes. Helicopters call them rotors. The small rotor on the back of the helicopter is used to counteract the torque created from the engine driving the main rotors.

What is the difference between solid propellant and liquid propellant?

There are two main types of rockets: liquid-fuel and solid-fuel. Liquid-fuel rockets consist of a fuel and oxygen (or other oxidizer) in liquid state. They are combined in a combustion chamber and ignited. The fuel flow to the engine can be controlled, the amount of thrust produced can be regulated ( Full Answer )

How many rotors does the helicopter have?

Helicopter can have 2 blade, 4 Blade, 6 Blade, 8 Blades. Selection of this Blades depends up on the Power Rating. For a small 2 Ton H/C, it can have 2 Blades. 5 Ton H/C can have 4 Blades etc..

What is difference between armature and rotor?

rooter is start of (R)and armature is start of (a) ...........Written By................................................ ...........Prof....Guffar sb (Snath Jesoriya)IET

What is helicopter rotor and propeller?

The rotor is like the engine to the propeller. A propeller is thefan like blades on the top that spin to make the helicopter fly.

What is a difference between how an airplane and a helicopter fly?

A conventional airplane has wings that are rigidly attached to the body of the aircraft. The wings along with the body of the airplane move forward thru the air at speed, creating lift, which makes the airplane rise. With helicopters, the wings (rotors) are mounted on a shaft turned by the engine. ( Full Answer )