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a joint account is an account that is joint together for an opening account. While beneficiary account are people that gain some promo from the bank

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2011-04-14 14:46:33
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Q: What is the difference between a joint account and a beneficiary to a bank account?
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What rights does the beneficiary of a joint bank account have when the other joint owner is deceased?

When two individuals have a joint account together and one dies the other is the sole owner of the account. The survivor is not considered a 'beneficiary'. They have all the rights that any account holder would have in any account.

Why put a beneficiary on a joint account?

A beneficiary is the person to whom the proceeds of a bank account will be paid in case of the demise of the account holder. In case of a joint account holder, there will be legal heirs or immediate family members of both account holders. So in the case where either or both of the joint account holders are dead, the bank will be in a fix as to whose family needs to be paid the money that is held in the account. In such a situation the presence of a nominee or beneficiary will be useful to decide who gets the money.

What happens to money in bank when you die?

If it is your sole account you should always name a beneficiary. The bank will assist you if you visit any branch. If no beneficiary was named the funds in the account become part of the owner's estate upon death. If the account is a joint account with the right of survivorship the full ownership will pass automatically to the surviving joint owner (who should then name a beneficiary through the bank).

Can someone remove a Payable of Death off the account if they were not the original owner?

No one other than the owner of the account can change the POD beneficiary. However, there is a conceivable possibility that a person with a sole account naming a POD beneficiary later added a joint owner to that account. Upon the death of the original owner that account would become the sole property of the surviving joint owner who could then change the POD beneficiary.

How do you open a bank account for my 5 year old?

Having an individual account for a 5 yr old is not something banks will offer. They might have a joint account between you and your child and have the child as the beneficiary of the account proceeds. you can contact your local banker for more details.

What is the difference between a joint and an articulation?

Every articulation is a joint, but NOT every joint is an articulation.

What is the difference between a DIP joint and a PIP joint?

Distal interphalengeal joint & Proximal interphalengeal joint

The will clearly shows the intent to split assets equally among all sibling's but the beneficiary named on all accounts is one sibling who is also executor. What happens to all the money?

There are several missing details in your question. Generally, a joint bank account passes automatically to the other joint owner when one owner dies. However, a joint bank account does not necessarily pass to the surviving joint account owner if the account was arranged as a joint account only for purposes of convenience; so the other joint holder could perform the banking and bill paying tasks for the primary account owner. In that case, even though it is listed as a joint account, it would become part of the estate and pass according to the terms of the will.However, there is another way a bank account can be set up to pass to a beneficiary on the death of the owner. If the owner executed a payable on death directive with the bank, the account will be paid over to the named beneficiary and bypass probate. Even if all the other assets of the testator are divided equally among the heirs in the will, a payable on death account would pass to the beneficiary named in the bank records. The existence of the arrangement at the bank is evidence the testator wanted that bank account to pass outside of probate.If you have any doubts you should discuss them with the attorney who is handling the estate.

What is the difference between joint family and nuclear family?

diference between nuclearfamily and joint family

What is the difference between a joint and a fault?

The difference between a joint and a fault begins with size. The joint is much smaller than the fault. The joint has very little movement while the fault often has lateral movement.

What happens if the account owner of a joint account with survivorship also has a POD designation listed for that account?

An account held in a joint ownership with the right of survivorship will pass to the surviving account owner automatically when the first joint owner dies. When that happens the account becomes their sole property and can be left to an heir. The bank may allow the account owners to file a POD beneficiary who will inherit the account when the last surviving owner dies. You should discuss your questions with your bank.However, remember that when two people have a joint account and one dies the account becomes the sole property of the survivor even if the first to die had a POD.

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rubber expansion joint is a rubber and dismentaling joint is mental joint

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