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What is the difference between a juvenile parole officer and a juvenile probation officer and a juvenile case worker?

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A juvenile parole officer is someone with a BS whom is assigned to juveniles out of prison and help them get back into normal life. A juvenile probation officer is assigned to the child as an alternative to jail/prison and to keep an eye on the child. The caseworker is in charge or directing and guiding the child when it comes to the actually law stuff.

Probation Officer = Before Jail/Prison

Parole Officer = After incarceration

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Can a felon become a juvenile probation officer?

Can a convicted felone become a juvenile probation officer.

What is the difference between a probation officer and a parole officer?

A probation officer handles clients who are on probation. A parole officer handles people who are released on parole.

What does a juvenile justice officer do?

A juvenile justice officer is probably another term for a corrections officer of the juvenile facility. They could also be a juvenile probation officer.

What is the job of a juvenile probation officer?

The probation officer will keep in touch with the juvenile to see how they are doing. They can also decide if the teen needs to go to court or not.

what is probation officer training for?

Probation Officer Training - Juvenile Probation Officer Training. Read the steps to become, degree requirements, and job description.

Promotion opportunities for a juvenile probation officer?

what are the chances of promotion while being a juvenile probation officer?

How long do you have to study to become a probation officer?

In order to become a juvenile probation officer you have to have a bachelor degree in criminal justice.

How much does a juvenile probation officer make a month?


Can a juvenile probation officer make you sell your car?

Only if the court has ordered it as a condition of your probation. If they have, he can.

Can you become a juvenile probation officer with an underage drinking charge?

yes. juvenile records are sealed.

How much do juvenile probation officer make per hour?

20 a hour

What is the difference between a federal probation officer and a state probation officer?

The only difference is the level of government that they work for. One supervises released violators convicted and sentenced for FEDERAL crimes, the other supervises released violators convicted of STATE crimes.

Can you be hired as a probation or parole officer in Idaho if you have taken drugs in the past?

It is very much unlikely, once you have committed a felony of any kind, most opportunity's of getting any job are reduced greatly, and any possibility in the past of joining any branch of law enforcement are made virtually impossible.Juvenile Probation Officer Qualifications, Certification, and TrainingCounties determine job requirements for juvenile probation officers. Education requirements range from having a GED, high school diploma, or college degree.Juvenile probation officer's employed after October 1, 2003 must be certified (030.02a,b,c). To be professionally certified, juvenile probation officers must complete an 80-hour basic training course at the Idaho Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Academy, followed by 40 hours of on-the-job site-specific training on the basics of juvenile probation officer work, and take a test. In some cases, probation officers have voluntarily attended additional POST training beyond basic training, such as verbal judo and instructor development. Depending on the county, juvenile probation officers may receive initial and ongoing training.The Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections (IDJC) partnered with POST to develop standards and certification. IDJC funds this work. In addition, the Juvenile Training Council was established to develop requirements for juvenile probation officer training. The members (who are appointed by IDJC's Director) are comprised of a county sheriff, a director of a juvenile detention center, the Director of IDJC, a magistrate judge, and a county juvenile probation administrator. Idaho probation officers developed and wrote the academy curriculum, which POST approved.

What is the difference between parole and probation?

Release on probation is granted at the order of a judicial officer. Release on parole is granted by a Board of Parole who hears and decides on cases of inmates housed in prisons.

What has the author Yona Cohn written?

Yona Cohn has written: 'The court and the probation officer, two interacting systems' -- subject(s): Juvenile courts, New York, N.Y., Probation

What is the advantages for a probation officer?

What advantages does one get from becoming a probation officer?

What is the difference between An Accountant and a Finance officer?

What is the difference between An Accountant and a Finance officer?

If a probation officer has a probationer falsely detained and jailed are there consequences for the probation officer?

i would like to know if a probabtion officer has a probationer falsely detained and jaile dare there consequences for the probation officer? and if not how can we report information on a probation officer legally?

Where can one go to learn how to become a probation officer?

The Probation Officer Info website offers information on how one can become a probation officer. Wikihow has a six step guide on achieving a job as a probation officer.

What is the difference between a probation and correction officer?

A corrections officer works for the prison system and is responsible for those who may be incarcerated while awaiting trial, and those convicted of a crime and sentenced to a term of incarceration. A probation officer is an agent of the court and are responsible for those released from a term of incarceration and have court ordered supervision.

Do you get a probation officer assigned before or after court?

After. A person is not on probation until they are sentenced to probation by the Court. Why would they get a probation officer until they are sentenced?

Do you know who i can talk to about probation?

Your probation officer.

Do you have to pay the probation officer if you are on Supervised Probation?

You do not have to pay any probation officer directly. You do most likely have to pay probation supervision fees, however. These payments are NOT made to your probation officer but usually to the clerk's office of your sentencing court.

What are the duties of a probation officer?

it is a officer who make sure the people who get out on probation follow what they are supposed to do

Who is the first probation officer?

the question is irrelevant, unless you meant who was the first probation officer ,