What is the difference between a lion and a tiger?

Lions have manes, and aren't striped. Tigers are striped.

Tigers is more agile, powerful, muscular, and longer than a lion. Tigers have a wider skull and longer teeth than lion, so they have more bite force. Tigers have heavier and more muscular legs and larger paws to attack enemies and prey.


There are many people knowing worldwide that tiger is bigger. However, Frank Mendel, a famous cat expert, says the lion is longer. Reports do not support the notion that tigers are larger. The largest cat ever founded was a male American lion. American lions died about 10000 years ago, but archaeologists had rebuilt the skeleton of American lion, and by their surprise, American lion was bigger than any modern cat. It is true that modern tigers are biggest cats but possibly the biggest cat was American lion. Cave lions, however, were the size of a liger. some archaeologists, say that this lion or lioness could take on 700 kg bison by itself.

Since tigers are the biggest cat today, there could be skeletons of tigers, that are bigger than the skeleton of the American lion that they haven't found yet.


Tigers are the ones with stripes, and lions are the big furry ones like on The Lion King. Tigers are the biggest cats, and the lion is the second biggest.


They are kinda the same, because they are big cats.

Tigers have longer, stockier bodies. Lions stand a bit taller at the shoulder.

Tigers have more powerful legs, and are more agile. Lions roar louder, and live in groups.

A lion is longer, and taller, not by much, and it is also faster and lighter then a tiger.

Tigers have stripes while lions do not. Tigers are solitary, while lions live within a pride.

Male lions have a mane, unlike male tigers.


The difference between lion and tiger is that lion is social African cat. The tiger is solitary Asian cat. Lions live on the open plains while tigers live in dense jungles. Siberian tigers are bigger. Tigers are orange with black stripes while lions are golden-sandy coloured with faint rosettes on their legs. A male lion has a large mane, engulfing its neck and chest. A lion's mane can say a lot about the lion. The darker the mane, the healthier the lion.
The differences are as follows,

  • Tiger evolved in Asia and lion in Africa were there is difference of habitats
  • Tigers have difference in their body size compared to lion.
  • Tigers have stripes but lion do not have stripes
  • Lions have mane but tigers do not have mane
  • A slight difference in DNA
  • Tigers evolved later than lions
  • Social behavior of both the cats

they both hunt for there food