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A magnetic disk - has a metal coating that stores the data by being written with a small magnet (similar to audio & video tape). An optical disk uses a laser to 'etch' the data onto the surface of a metal-coated glass disk (similar to a CD).

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Q: What is the difference between a magnetic disc and optical disc?
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What are the type of ROM?

two types - magnetic in the form of magnetic tape,magnetic disc and optical in the form of compact disc.

Is floppy disc optical storage?

No. Floppies are magnetic storage. Cd-rom, dvd, and laserdisc are examples of optical.

How is the Optical disc similar to the compact disc?

A compact disc is a type of optical disc. "Optical disc" is an umbrella term for any type of storage media which uses optical technology (as opposed to magnetic) for data storage. This includes but is not limited to DVDs, CDs, H-DVD, blu-ray, laser discs CDRW's, and DVDRW's

What is the difference between disk and disc?

Disc refers to OPTICAL media such as DVD's CD's Laser Discs etc. Disk refers to MAGNETIC media such as Floppy Disk, Hard Disk etc. In the UK & Australia a flat rounded object is usually spelt as Disc and in the USA its usually spelt as Disk.

What is the difference between floppy disc and hard drive?

Floppy disc is a removable media while the hard drive is fixed on the computer , that is the MAJOR difference, tows are magnetic if you are looking for similarities.

What is the difference between magnetic tape and magnetic disks?

A tape is a long ribbon wound on top of itself, an disc is a disc. To get at something at the beginning of a tape you have to unwind it. To get at something at the innermost track of a disc all you have to do is to move the pickup head towards the center.

What is the correct spelling for computer disc drive?

"Disc" refers to optical media, such as CDs or DVDs. "Disk" refers to magnetic media, such as hard drives. So the answer depends on which drive you are referring to; most have both an "optical disc drive", and a "hard disk drive".

What is the difference between VCR and DVD players?

A VCR (videocassette recorder) is an electromechanical device for recording and playing back full-motion audio-visual programming on cassettes containing magnetic tape whereas a DVD player is is an optical disc technology.

Is a DVD a magnetic storage or a optical storage?

A DVD is an optical storage device, hence the lens used to read the disc. It cannot be overwritten. A video cassette, on the other hand, is a magnetic storage device. It can be rerecorded over.

Can the rewritable optical disc be infected by virus?

If you burn infected files onto an optical disc then those files remain infected and would remain on the optical disc permanently.

What is the difference magnetic storage device and an optical storage device?

optical storage writes and retrieves data using a laser or similar. Magnetic storage uses a coating on a disc or tape to hold data, by manuplating the tiny ferrous elements on the surface it can store information. A CD is optical storage. It has a series of lands and pits (ups and downs) - as the laser passes over these it converts them into 1s and 0s.

What is Storage media used by optical disc drives?

CD and DVD disks are used by optical disc drives.

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