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Craters are produced in two ways - the first way is as a result of a volcano- the crater being the caldera of the volcano. On the moon volcanoes are now extinct, but their remains, as craters, can be seen. The second way is by impact. A large object like a meteoroid (it becomes a 'meteorite' when on the surface of the planet), when impacting on the moon, can produce a large pit that we call a crater. On earth any craters formed over the millions of years are eroded away by our atmosphere and weather (although some survive like the 'meteor crater' in the USA)> However, on the moon, where there is no appreciable atmosphere, the craters can last for millions of years with little change. Maria (Mare is singular, Maria - plural)or 'seas' are not seas (although they were once thought of like that - hence the name) but are solidified plains of lava that erupted frrom lunar volcanoes covering large areas of the moon's surface. Dating craters and maria is quite simple; if a crater is formed in one of the maria, then it was made after the mare solidified or the crater would have been desroyed by the molten lava. Occasionally craters form on top of other craters. The latterly formed crater is the one that is clearly superimposed on the older one.

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What are the Geographical features of the moon?

Mare Serenitatis,(a big crater) and mare crislum (another rather large crater) there are also lots of other craters on the moon.

Which sea is the Thomson crater in on the moon?

Mare Ingenii, the Sea of Cleverness.

How does a mare differ from a crater?

A mare is a smooth, dark area on the surface of the moon. A crater is a huge hole caused by a meteor or meteorite. Hope that satisfies you! If not come back soon and i'll have another answer.

What is the difference between mare and a rille?

In the geography of the moon, a mare is a large depression (think sea) and a rille is a groove in the surface (think canal or channel)

What are two of the larger craters on the moon?

The largest crater on the moon is the Aitken Basin. It is 2500 km in diameter and 13km deep. It is located near the Lunar south pole and is not viable from Earth. It is thought to be one of the largest craters in the solar system.Hertzprung is the second largest crater on the moon. It is 591 km in diameter and it located on the dark side of the moon just beyond the west limb.Apollo Crater is the third largest crater on the moon. It is located near the south pole on the far side of the moon. it is 538 km in diameter but its depth is unknown.Korolov Crater is about 437 km in diameter and is located close to the lunar equator on the far side of the moon.Bailly crater is the largest crater visible from Earth. It is 303 km in diameter and 4.3 km deep. Located near the south west limb of the moon.Some craters have flooded with molton lava after the impact. They are now called mare or seas.Mare Ibrium at 1,123 km in diameter is the largest.Mare Tranquillitatis made famous by the Apollo 11 moon landing, is about 873km in diameter.Mare Nubium is about 715 km in diameter.Apollo 17 landed near Mare Serenitatis. It is 707 km in diameter.Mare Orientale is about 327 km in diameter.

What is a sentence for crater?

There is a crater on the moon.

What is the difference between Triton and moon?

The difference between Triton and the moon is Triton is Neptunes moon and our moon is normal!

What moon has Herschel crater on it?

There is a "Herschel Crater" on our own Moon; on Mimas; and on the planet Mars.

What is the mare of the moon?

Mare (MAH-ray) is volcanic rock deposits of basalt on the moon

How is crater density used in the relative dating of features on the moon?

the crater has the same density as on the moon.

What is the Sea of Showers?

Mare Imbrium, Latin for "Sea of Showers" or "Sea of Rains", is a vast lunar mare. It was created when lava flooded a giant crater that formed when a massive object hit the Moon.See realted link for more information.

How do you use crater in a sentence?

There is a crater on the top of a moon and a volcano.

What is the name of the oldest crater found on the moon?

Alcatzervater Crater

What is the connection between the horses the moon and the sea according to Greek mythology?

the answer is : the horses name is Mare the moon sets at the sea. :)

Does the moon have a crater?


How do lunar maria differ from craters?

A mare is flat and a crater is round. A lunar mare (lunar maria is plural) are large flat plains on the surface of the moon that were made from volcanic eruptions. Craters on the other hand, are depressions in a surface that were caused by the impact of an object in the surface of the moon such as a meteor. Craters on a lunar mare are often used to help determine how long ago the volcanic eruptions occurred.

What is the difference between moon and Moon?

it is called the moon light Theonmena

What is a large well known moon crater?

The crater Tycho .. discovered by Tycho Brahe The crater Copernicus

Why do craters stay on the moon for so long?

If there is a crater on the Earth, it is worn away over time. Between wind, rain, landslides, rivers, earthquakes, trees and foliage, and people and animals, features on the Earth tend not to last for a very long time. On the Moon, there are no such forces. The only thing that will erase a crater on the Moon is ... another crater!

What are mare?

Mares: Are fully grown filly's or adult female horses.Mare: Latin word for "sea".Mare: Used when describing the flat plains on the moon - as in Lunar Mare. A basaltic plain on the Moon

What is a mark on a moon made by an asteroid called?

Impact crater, or simply, crater.

What is a compound word with moon in it?

moon-rocks! moon-crater! WOOO moonlight

What are the two sides of the moon that can be found on the moon?

the two sides on the moon are highland and the mare. the mare are lower in altitude than the highlands . but there is no water on the moon so they are not literally seas .

A dark spot on the moon?

That is a crater

What is the dint in the moon called?


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