What is the difference between a moose and a caribou?

A moose is a large animal, about the same size as a horse. Moose feed on aquatic life in ponds, so they have long necks with a scruffy beard that hangs from the front of the neck (on both male and female) moose. Moose are usually a dark brown color. Male moose have small antlers that eventually grow in paddle shapes. These paddles can grow to be over 50 inches wide. Moose antlers fall off before winter, and female moose don't have antlers.
Caribou are somewhere in size between deer and elk. Large caribou tend to be about the size of elk, while young caribou are barely bigger than deer. Caribou are light brown, with white patches on their necks and buttocks. Male and female caribou both grow small antlers when they are young. Older male caribou grow very large, high antlers with a lot of branches. Older female caribou grow modest antlers.