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What is the difference between a mosquito and a wriggler?


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The difference is that a mosquito is the grown, mature insect. A wriggler is what is known as the mosquito larvae.

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A mosquito larva is called a wriggler because when you see it in water it distinctively wriggles.

A wriggler is the larva of a mosquito and it lives in stegnet/still water.

Egg->wriggler->pupa->adult mosquito

Bacteria are microscopic - you cannot see them with your eyes alone. A "wriggler" is a baby mosquito.

The difference are:caterpillars feed on leaves and wriggler feed on organisms in the water.butterfly lay eggs on plants while mosquito lay eggs on the water.

one is nymph & the other one isn't.wriggle just wriggles like a wriggler

A wriggler is a name for a baby mosquito. Mosquito larvae are called wrigglers. They are called that because they move a lot, like little worms. They eat protozoans and other wrigglers.

Kiti-kiti in tagalog or filipino

it will grow into a pupa than become a mosquito than a new life cycles starts again

Wrigglers are mosquito larvae, and mosquitoes are mature insects. They differ in movement in that mosquitoes fly, and wrigglers crawl.

The adult mosquito can fly while the young of the mosquito cannot fly.

Nymph, wriggler, tumbler, larva, flapper. See the Related Link below.

The larva that emerges out of every egg is known as a wriggler. The wriggler floats upside down to the surface of the water. It breathes through a breathing tube that is at the end of its abdomen. The breathing tube protrudes from the surface of the water, allowing the wriggler to breathe.

Whats the difference between a blond and a mosquito ?? When you smack a mosquito it stops sucking

The cockroach has a incomplete metamorphosis while the mosquito has a complete metatorphosis.

The difference between an ant bite and a mosquito bite is quite simple. These bites come from two different insects.

tadpole and frogwriggler and mosquitoearthworm and beetlecaterpillar and butterfly

female mosquitos suck blood and male mosquitos do not.

culex mosquito spread malaria in sparrow but anopheles mosquito spread malaria in human beings.

The wriggler moves very fast and it looks like tiny tadpoles.

If you are referring to wriggler the fish, they breathe through gills. If you are referring to the larvae of mosquito, they breathe through spiracles located on the eighth abdominal segment. They also breathe through a siphon, and therefore must come to the surface frequently.

one sucks blood (mosquito) and a bee stings you. oh and a mosquito can also carry deseases like malaria in places like africa

One difference is that a mosquito is generally smaller and feeds off blood. Wasps consume other insects, such as mosquitoes, and can be helpful in pollinating plants and flowers.

A mosquito bites and a house fly doesn't, but the house flies are soooooo annoying.LoveAc. x

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